Smartwatch With the Camera

The great company Samsung has announced the first model of the smartwatch with a camera. Galaxy Watch will consist of two parts, the rollable screen, which can be expanded, and the camera in order to create awesome shots.

The round screen can be transformed into an oval form, which is 40% bigger. Also, the device can be used to watch the video. There is no more information about the development. But the known facts piqued the interest.

Samsung is the greatest group of companies. It is famed for its electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, and much more. In current times it becomes hard to live and work for people without modern electronic devices. The phone and computers play a big role in the business. And now the smartwatches have reached a new level.

The new gadget can change the phone, heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc. It can have different shapes, from rectangular to round ones. Many new applications were invented to empower the device. With the advent, many people agreed with the unnecessary use of telephones. Modern technologies astonish with their new inventions. It is hard even to imagine how many developments are waiting for us in the near future.

Have you ever used smartwatches? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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