Sony Unveils Next-Gen VR

Sony has unveiled a prototype virtual reality headset that supports resolutions up to 8K. The presentation took place at the Sony Technology Day conference.

The headset uses two miniature 4K OLED displays. As noted by the authors of the helmet, new technologies will minimize or completely remove video pixelation and latency when turning the head. Thanks to this, users will be less susceptible to the effect of motion sickness.

Meta previously released an update for the Oculus Quest line of VR headsets featuring Space Sense. Using sensors, the headset scans the surrounding area and shows in real-time if someone has entered the user’s safe area.

The interesting fact is that Sony didn’t always have this name. Initially, the company was founded under the name “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo”, which often led the Americans to a stupor, because they simply could not pronounce such a name. Therefore, the co-owner of the company came up with a new one, adding two words: ‘Sonus’ (from Latin sound) and ‘Sonny’ – this word in the 50s was usually called boys in America. The official name of the corporation changed in 1958.

The first company`s released product was an electric rice cooker. And once the corporation could invent a special video camera, that allowed watching through the clothes.

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