Spider-Man on November 30 in Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix has released a video of the Spider-Man gameplay that will be added in the next update to Marvel’s Avengers. This video was provided by IGN and clearly shows what abilities Spider-Man possesses.

Its introduction to the game will be a temporary event and won’t be accompanied by any story missions. It is introduced to the game through short videos with colorful illustrations.

Let’s talk about Spider-Man’s abilities. Everyone already knows his signature hand-to-hand combat with elements of acrobatics and the use of the web, but in addition to that, he’ll have 3 additional superpowers. When using the Web Bomb skill, he throws explosives that entangle enemies in cobwebs. Spider-Drone is a summoning robot that flies around you and automatically attacks enemies with cobwebs.

Most interesting is the ultimate Spider-Man ability called Wrecking Ball. He uses a huge ball of web and smashes it to the ground to inflict devastating damage on enemies. The character also has an additional function Spidey-Sense, when activated, all players are notified of incoming damage thanks to a special animation around the head.

The DLC with Spider-Man is expected to be eventful and only PlayStation owners will be able to play it on November 30th.

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