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Split screen PS4 games offer a special kind of gameplay as you can go anywhere and do whatever you want, letting your partner on the couch do the same. There are many genres among PS4 split-screen games. Whether you want to play first-person shooters, racing, RPG, action, or even horror games, there has to be something for your taste.

Overcooked! 2

best split screen co op games ps4

Cooking split-screen co-op game for PS4 – Overcooked arcade! 2 would test how you can work in a team and would seriously challenge your friendship. Your partner didn’t have time to chop the onions, you didn’t wash the plates and now the timer stopped at “zero”, and you didn’t complete even five orders, wasting too much time on pointless fuss.

But it is not all that bad. Overcooked! 2 forgives mistakes, and after a couple of chaotic matches, you’ll learn to clearly plan the order of actions. As a result, even a volcanic eruption won’t be able to interfere with the graceful execution of tasks. And the genre of such best split-screen co-op games PS4 is great for any noisy party.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

playstation 4 split screen games

In this remake of the classic PS1 arcade racing game, you’ll race across a variety of tracks behind the wheel of karts driven by fun characters, including, of course, Crash, the PlayStation mascot of the 90s. The game would delight you with an expanded set of racing tracks (in addition to the tracks from the original game, locations from the continuation of Crash Tag Team Racing have been added here), customization of karts and racers, a large number of modes, and a very bright picture, which would become even more beautiful if you have a TV with HDR support.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is ideal for spending time with your child. Beautiful graphics and funny characters would attract the attention of young and adult players, and moderately complex gameplay would challenge your skills enough that you want to return to the split-screen PS4 game again and again to overcome its challenges.

Diablo Iii: Eternal Collection

split screen co op games ps4

Every fan of the RPG genre is familiar with the Diablo series: game makers from Blizzard have invented the perfect formula that combines a universe charming in its gloom, addictive gameplay, and constant motivation to move forward, for new loot, destroy hundreds and thousands of monsters, deal with bosses on ever-increasing difficulty levels.

This best split-screen survival game on PS4 is also very fun to play in co-op. The third part of the lineup is available on PS4, with unique content from Shadow of the Colossus and The Last of Us. The console version has a local co-op for four, and as for the edition of the game, we recommend the Eternal Collection – the most complete, it contains seven classes, including the Necromancer, an extensive story campaign, and many different modes.

Lego the Incredibles

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LEGO The Incredibles is one of the best 2 players split-screen PS4 games that would certainly appeal to all Pixar fans: it’ll remind you of the events of the animated film The Incredibles, and then invite you to take part in the sequel’s storyline. In addition, the game has a whole city with additional missions, secrets, and unlockable characters.

Mortal Kombat 11

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By and large, any fighting game is perfect for two players, but we decided to focus on Mortal Kombat 11 as the most popular representative of this genre. Mortal Kombat 11 features eerily realistic brawls involving humans and fantasy heroes. You’ll break bones, rip out limbs, chop off heads and turn opponents into a bloody mess. Yes, cruel and bloody, but so kitschy that it does not even arouse disgust.

Rayman legends

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If you are looking for the best PlayStation 4 split-screen games then we present you Rayman Legends. This is a bright, funny, and noisy adventure in which you’ll travel through colorful worlds and chase nightmares to save adorable princesses. In the company of friends, of course – the game supports a co-op for four players, and joint passage can both facilitate the gameplay, given that you can save your comrades who have fallen into the abyss, and complicate it because they can fall there through your fault.

Just Dance 2021

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Just Dance is the best way to resolve disputes: play the best PlayStation split screen game, stand in front of the TV and have a dance battle! Whoever gets more points is the winner. But seriously, this is a great series of games for those who like to move a lot, dance, and have fun. Modern hits, active gameplay, and a lot of fun – what else do you need? For the same reason, Just Dance would be the gem of any party.

Just Dance 2021 doesn’t require gamepads, cameras, or special controllers. A smartphone with an installed application that connects to the same Wi-Fi network as the PS4 console is enough.

Human: Fall Flat

best playstation split screen games

Best 2 player split-screen PS4 puzzle game Human: Fall Flat is about funny little people who overcome surreal levels, fighting with local physics and challenging tasks. The main characters can hardly walk, let alone perform some difficult actions. But this is why the game is valuable: what is happening on the screen is so funny and ridiculous that you simply cannot tear yourself away from it until you go to the end.

Human: Fall Flat’s cooperative playthrough is an adventure in which you’ll hinder each other rather than help. Surprisingly, this only works for the benefit of the game and gives extremely pleasant emotions.


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As with fighting games, the choice of sports games for two players is not limited to football. We chose FIFA 21 for its quality, fan recognition, and tons of content, from careers to the sheer number of licensed footballers, teams, brands, stadiums, and more.

Nevertheless, if you love good PS4 split-screen games about sports, then you probably want to pay attention to other types – boxing, wrestling, basketball, tennis, handball, and many others. Most of the projects dedicated to sports competitions contain local multiplayer modes, so you are free to choose exactly what you like.

The Swords Of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse

best split screen games for ps4

Multiplayer split-screen PS4 with roguelike elements that challenge the evil sorceress who has enchanted the world of the protagonist. In this adventure you’ll go through eras, you’ll die and be reborn, gain experience and become stronger with each new incarnation.

The Swords of Ditto is a cooperative local split-screen PS4 game with a unique cartoon style, a bunch of references to various works, and fun, moderately difficult gameplay. Playing on one console, you’ll surely have a lot of fun!

Spelunky 1–2

best split screen survival games ps4

Adventure best split-screen game for PS4 with procedurally generated levels, designed for co-op playthrough. You’ll explore dungeons filled with monsters and traps, and each new playthrough won’t be the same as the previous one.

Up to three friends can go on a journey with you, and sometimes they do not so much help as hinder: friendly fire is on by default here, and if one of the travelers pisses off the merchant, everyone would have a hard time.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

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This top split-screen game PS4 is a fork of the LittleBigPlanet series. Young Sackboy must save his relatives enslaved by the villain, and in this adventure, he is not alone – the hero can be helped by a partner, with whom they’ll go through various worlds and fight cute but dangerous monsters.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure would amaze you with its visual style and draw you headlong into a cute universe where you’ll jump on platforms, complete challenges, and search for secrets. Basically, the game is pretty easy, but if you decide to close it 100%, you have to sweat. The authors of the blog wish you a pleasant time with your friends and loved ones, choose the game you like from our list of split-screen PS4 games, and offer to play it. There are both paid and free versions of games for every taste and genre.

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