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Steam is the largest marketplace for games to buy and download. Over 95 million users have chosen Steam and continue to use it. In addition to this service, there are many alternatives and people choose them for many reasons, one of the most common is cheaper prices for games. Let’s take a look at our top 10 Steam alternatives to help you with your choice of a gaming site.

Good Old Games

Good Old Games platform is opening our Apps like Steam list. Here you can find both expensive and more budget games. The catalog contains almost all popular games and genres. If we talk about prices, then they are significantly lower than on Steam. They usually range from $5 to $10 per game, but don’t forget the big discounts too! This can help you save even more and buy your favorite game at a nice price. Another feature of GOG is that everything in the catalog is sold DRM-free.

Let’s talk about an interesting trick. If you previously bought games on Steam, but decided to switch to Good Old Games, then there is an opportunity to transfer them for free thanks to the Connect service. In this case, the games would be available on both platforms.

Not everyone knows, but is owned by Poles from CD Projekt RED – the creators of The Witcher series.



One of the giants of the gaming industry, standing on an equal footing with the rest of Steam competitors. Electronic Arts have created a huge competitive platform with a catalog of games. While many other digital computer game stores sell only indie games and low-budget projects, Origin is where you can find the latest hits and novelties from the gaming industry. With just a few clicks, the blockbusters Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and FIFA 18, and many more are in front of you.

The prices on the Origin platform are quite high, so we advise you to wait for the holiday discounts and run to buy your favorite games.

Not everyone might have heard about this computer game platform, but believe me, it definitely deserves to be in our top other sites like Steam. There are no the latest novelties or hit games, but this store would appeal to fans of indie games, design, and experimental thinking. Here you can download not only games, but also tools for creating them, interesting mods, and much more.

Currently, the catalog contains over 40,000 games and programs, many of which are free. You can even pay for purchases with cryptocurrency, namely bitcoin. Cool, isn’t it?

The main part of the service is made up of games that were created for some kind of contests and forums. That is, it is a great platform for novice developers and those who like amateur development. has a large and active community of developers, artists, and designers who share information and communicate with each other.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

This gaming platform differs from the previous one in that it offers users not only indie games but also high-budget projects. The prices are very affordable and almost everyone can afford to buy the game they want. But if the price is too high for you, then there is an option to browse the catalog with weekly, monthly, and worldwide sales.

The Humble Bundle builds customer loyalty by donating a portion of the game’s proceeds to various charitable causes. There is even an opportunity to independently determine the cost of a particular game according to the “Pay what you want” model. The platform is very popular with PC users.

Green Man Gaming

Is Steam the only place to buy games? Of course not! The GMG platform offers an extensive catalog of popular new products from the gaming industry. Here you can find games like Destiny 2, Assasin’s Creed: Origins, SpellForce 3, Watch Dogs 2 and others. If some of you love the spirit of adventurism and want to try your luck, then GMG has a special “Mystery Bundles”, the contents of which are unknown. You buy and only then see what you come across, perhaps you’ll get one of the expensive games!

You may have heard of the scandal with GMG selling keys of unknown origin for popular games from Ubisoft, Activision, and other publishers. It all started with Reddit, where it was revealed that the platform buys keys not from game publishers, but on the “gray market”. The incident was not completely resolved, but the most important thing is that the keys to Green Man Gaming are working and everything is fine.

Windows Store

Windows Store

If you have Windows 10 installed, then you can go to the built-in games’ directory. The number of games on offer is not very large, but there are some exclusive games that can hardly be found in other game stores like Steam.

The prices are quite affordable, although there are a number of games, the price of which varies in such arrivals $80–100, which is quite expensive. For example, Shadow of War costs $99.99, and Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition costs $79.99. But don’t be alarmed, the store is full of other games that cost $8–10.


The gaming platform has a rather old origin, as Direct2Drive is the ancestor of the IGN game store, which now operates as a separate and independent business. But the original idea for a digital computer games store has remained the same. The catalog is full of available and interesting games, buy the one you like and download – everything is very simple.

Sometimes Direct2Drive offers direct downloads via a web interface, but sometimes there are large DRM activated games on sale exclusively on Steam, Origin, Uplay.



Be sure to pay attention to this online store if you are asking the question: “What are alternatives to Steam?”. OnePlay invites you to evaluate and play your desired game for rent for one month at a very affordable price. For example, you don’t have the opportunity or simply desire to buy a very expensive game, but you just want to try to play and get valuable experience. It even happens that after the trial period you want to buy the full version, why not?

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has become very popular. Users are attracted by exclusive games that cannot be bought anywhere else, by promotional codes and special promotions for popular projects.

At one time, the Epic Games Store even-handed out GTA 5 for free, one can only envy those who managed to pick it up then. Be sure to download the Epic Games Store and maybe soon there would be a new distribution of cool and iconic games.



GamersGate completes our list of the best Steam alternatives. This platform offers a variety of games, including many DRM-free, which attract a large number of users. The site has a reward system and more promotions for game packages. Also in the store itself, there is a cryptocurrency called “Blue Coins”.

GamersGate benefits from the fact that you only pay for the games in the packages you want. There is no need to spend a lot of money and buy what you just don’t need.The authors of the blog have compiled the top 10 Steam alternatives that won’t hit your wallet and would bring pleasure from buying games. Do not stop at just one game store, try several and choose the most suitable for yourself and at the prices that are affordable for you.

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