Stratolaunch developed a giant airplane for space launches in the past. This project was phased out almost a year ago and many believed that the company had entered the liquidation phase. However, it has returned with a new project for which it has already found an investor. Stratolaunch will create a fleet of hypersonic drones that will perform reconnaissance and military tasks. The first device should show its capabilities already in 2022.

The project description says that it will be a flexible, high-speed test platform for reconnaissance, defense, and offensive purposes. The authors of the document emphasize the possibility of collecting data during a hypersonic flight.

By 2023 the company plans to launch several devices from the board of Stratolaunch the size of which allows it to place up to three hypersonic devices simultaneously.

Talon-A will be 8.5 meters long and weigh about 2720 kg. The company does not disclose the details of the engine system which will be purchased from a third-party manufacturer. Also, nothing is known about the cost of the aircraft. It is only known that after the death of the founder of Stratolaunch, billionaire Paul Allen, the company has attracted new capital from a private investment group with long-term investment.

A huge Stratolaunch airplane took off for the first time a year ago. It could become the first commercial aircraft that is capable of launching relatively small cargoes from the stratosphere into orbit. The company planned to develop its own launchers but later abandoned them. They are focusing on building a platform aircraft.

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