Games From Steam With GeForce Now

Xbox owners can rejoice. The ability to stream games from Steam using GeForce Now has become available. In Microsoft’s settings, the Edge browser is installed by default and the native support for the GeForce Now service was added to the browser.

Players can try their favorite games on Xbox. GeForce Now supports over 1000 games, including multiplayer (CS: GO and Dota 2) and single player (FarCry). It is important to note, that you won’t be able to play new projects such as Resident Evil Village, Outriders, NieR, Forza 5, Halo, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tales of Arise, Battlefield 6 and others.

The only problem for Xbox users is that streaming is not fully optimized for consoles yet. Freezes, incorrect display of the game and other interference are possible.

When demonstrating the beta upgrade, the players were shown a demo of playing CS: GO through the GeForce Now cloud. Previously, there was no support for keyboard and mouse, but now you can connect them to the console and play peacefully.

This feature has become a pleasant bonus for Xbox owners and it remains to wait for other innovations and streamlining optimization.

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