Removing the game Myth of Empires from Steam

Most recently, Myth of Empires was removed from the Steam store. This happened due to the fact that Studio Wildcard approached Valve with a statement that the code from Ark: Survival Evolved was used in the development of this game.

At the moment, the developers of the game Myth of Empires do not want to reveal the name of the one who demanded the removal of their game. But if you carefully study the documents, then the request came from Studio Wildcard and Snail Games – it was they who developed and published Ark: Survival Evolved, the code of which was used for another game.

The fact is that one of the former employees of Snail Games moved to Angela Games and it was he who had access to the source code. This employee violated copyright and decided not to bother creating his own code for the new game, but simply to use the existing one.

Upon closer inspection of the code and comparing them from the two games, it becomes clear that most of the titles, mechanics, and features from the Ark: Survival Evolved code can be seen in the now-deleted Myth of Empires. The developers consider this coincidence not accidental and demanded that Valve remove the game that copied their code. The provision of analysis results for the similarity of these companies took place on December 1, and on December 3 the strategy game Myth of Empires was removed.

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