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In the late summer of 2021, entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk announced that he plans to create a humanoid robot. Tesla has promised to show the prototype of the robot to the world in 2022. This humanoid is designed to perform dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks. We’ll see it in action very soon, but would Tesla be able to handle such a complex project?

The robot has already been given a name and it is Optimus. Also became known as growth, which would be 173 centimeters and a weight of 57 kilograms. In August 2021, during the presentation of the project, Elon Musk said that a humanoid robot would be able to carry a load of up to 20 kg. Thus, the robot has many applications in everyday life and it’ll become an indispensable assistant in everyday life.

Tesla is a world famous company that would not make such loud statements about the development of a robot, from this we can conclude that they are very serious. When developing a humanoid robot, it is likely that there would be quite a few problems associated with artificial intelligence and blowing. They don’t have to worry about artificial intelligence, since the company has a lot of experience in implementing it into cars.

The main challenge can be the development of human-like hands, as well as reproduce the senses that are responsible for the tactility of the robot. You can be sure that Tesla would introduce the robot to the world during the demonstration, but they won’t avoid problems when bringing it to market. Tesla should prove to people that the humanoid robot copes with its tasks and is needed.

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