DDoS Attack

At the present moment, the entry to Battle.net doesn`t work. It was caused by the sudden attack on a company that happened on Wednesday. Within an hour users could not enter the online gaming service that includes digital distribution and social platform functions.

The players were deprived of the opportunity to play their favorite games. The endless number of complaints collapsed on the creators and there is still no information about what happened. Whether the technical support figured it out or the situation was resolved naturally. To add, it is not a single case. A few weeks ago a similar thing happened.

Activision Blizzard Inc publishes, creates, and distributes interactive entertainment software and peripherals. The company’s products span action adventures, sports, simulations, music, and strategy games.

It is a very common thing in the game industry. The players have to be patient and wait for the renewal of the service.

Battle.net didn’t give any comments about the accident. There are a lot of special companies that protect the game services from DDoS attacks. And often the connection of such security takes just 10 minutes. These items allow you to forget about the scripting and backup hassles.

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