Driving simulation games have been on the market for a long time. The beginning of the genre was put together with the emergence of ordinary racing because developers of the races have always strived for maximum realism. Only then their roads became different, diverging into arcades and simulators. Nevertheless, even today, many races offer the user to feel naturalistic control.

GRID Autosport

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The game with exciting graphics, if you take into account that it was released in 2014. However, all its advantages in realistic machine physics and driving mechanics. The damage is visible even with weak jerks. Any part that falls off can affect the aerodynamics and reduce speed. It makes Autosport one of the most realistic driving simulators. One of the disadvantages is a weak computer intellect.

Need for Speed: Shift

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Need for Speed line is considered a kind of classic. It has long tried to pass on the simulator field but managed to achieve success only with the release of Shift. Cars are copied from real models, the tracks are realistic and well-designed. The player can adjust the detailed view from the cabin, where you can even wave your head, looking at the interior.

Project CARS

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This simulator is remarkable for its detail. Sometimes it may seem that the user is not looking at the game but at the recording of a real race. Physics can be felt not like in arcades, but not very tight. Most cars belong to a strictly racing class, so it is difficult to assess their driving on the road. The game introduced 74 models, which is much inferior to other representatives of the market. But the physics and realistic graphics more than compensate for the lack of cars. One of the best car simulators.

American Truck Simulator

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Another well-known simulator of the American trucker. The machines are small, but the physics and the size of the maps are good. Complicated parking is like a real one, and penalties for non-compliance have been increased.

Farming Simulator

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Few places you can find this kind of simulator, but this game has a lot of agricultural equipment, even a train. Only a small number of tracks is depressing. Machines can be changed. Originally, the fleet was smaller, but the additional author’s and user’s fashion corrected the situation.

Gran Turismo 5

best car driving simulator

One of the best driving and three-dimensional simulators games. Physics is detailed, graphics worked out, a lot of routes and cars. There are several game modes, including multiplayer.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

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There is a story here, though not too elaborate. The length of the roads is huge – about 2 thousand kilometers. The graphics for time is not bad. Competitions are not too diverse, but the fleet is large. Of the shortcomings stands out average mechanics, bad physics. Not the best car driving simulator, but still deserves attention.

One of the most famous and probably the best car simulator games of all currently available on a PC. The last official version of the game City Car Driving was released in 2016 and allows the player to plunge into the process of driving the car on the intricate roads with an abundance of road signs, confusing road markings, and turbulent traffic, ruthless to a careless driver.

There are also unpredictable pedestrians, dynamically changing weather and time of day, as well as difficult tasks, which can be found in real driving schools. All this adds realism and complexity to the game, transforming City Car Driving into a real virtual mentor for a beginner driver. By the way, the player has access to 9 different cars with reliable physics and even visible collision damage. The developers of City Car Driving assure that their game will definitely help to prepare for the traffic police exam, as well as to pass the course of counter-crash training and extreme driving.

Live for Speed

live for speed

One of the best driving sims, the main feature of which is a highly realistic physics of car behavior, is achieved by modeling vehicles by the rules of mechanics based on the laws of Newton. During a collision, the cars get the damage appropriate to the nature of the impact, behave naturally during skidding, and the temperature of tires varies depending on the road section. For those interested, an introductory version and a toll version are available, which includes dozens of tracks, 20 cars, and several game modes.

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