Today we will review the changes in patch 10.20 and the best League of Legends characters that will help you to rank up.

Let’s Begin from the Top!



best league of legends character

Camilla is one of the strongest champions of the upper line and is the most popular high-elo. Maybe she doesn’t have a massive win rate, but she rarely gets into the ban, and you can pick her practically in every game.

Also, Camilla is an enormous solo carry because she has many ways to drag and drop games: colossal damage, mobility, control, and vital lane phase. With the Grasp of the Undying, she becomes one of the strongest League of Legends’ top characters. You can take a hit with the Shield Bash that synergizes well with the passive ability so you can make short, powerful trades to slowly and confidently dominate the line. If you want to get a lot of kills and make beautiful moves, be sure to try it in your games.

Another champion that we want to mention is Malphite. He is high-powered now and had a large win rate in patch 10.19. He is a great choice even at high elo because he is the strongest League of Legends champion against ADC players. Armor gives Malphite additional damage because of the special scales on his skills, and it also slows down the attack speed of enemies.


league of legends

In this patch, he will be even stronger because one of his counter enemies on the lane Maokai got nerf. If you are looking for a tank for your type of composition, Malphite is your best choice in patch 10.20.

Maplhite is so good because the AP toppers are having a hard time. Even the strongest ones like Rumble can hardly find their place in the current meta.



lol best hero

Rek’Sai has one of the strongest power spikes when getting 2 items. Because of this, she is one of the LoL best heroes on high elo. Even though she is not the most popular champion at the moment, she is clearly one of the strapping. The current assembly on Rek`Sai is Enchantment: Warrior, boots, Edge of Night.

It is basically a shark in the water, you see it coming, and all you can do is run away. However, the blue Smite and the Edge of Night make it almost impossible. With Smite, she can quickly get any player, and the Edge of Night prevents her from catching up or dropping and gives a straight line to a priority target.

It’s no wonder why she’s so strong now. Heavy damage in early and mid-game makes her one of the best LoL champions for kills.


best league of legends champion

Another incredibly strong pick in this patch is Nunu. Even though he got a slight weakening of the armor, his 53% win rate shows that he is a good tank in the jungle.

He inflicts a decent amount of damage, but more importantly, he absorbs tons of damage for his team and brings control to the composition.

In general, Nunu is a very good pick for most teams and fits the current meta because he is useful even with one item, while the second item makes him a dangerous tank.



best lol champion for kills

Kassadin expects to nerf, so guess who’s incredibly strong now? That’s right, Fizz! In general, it feels like Fizz can kill champions with no items if he gets hit by his shark, but in fact, he can buy a whole bunch of early items because they are inexpensive. Hextech Protobelt-01 one of the cheapest first items in the game, and it gives more than enough damage to Fizz to start carrying. He is one of the best solo champions in LoL.

One single solo kill is all that Fizz needs to carry his game. [E] makes him elusive, he can easily escape from the ganks. This skill makes Fizz a great diver so that his ganks are very deadly, and it becomes impossible to stand in the lane against fed Fizz.

You need to respect this fish because he will jump on you and take a light gold. Because of this, players often give him priority on the lane, so don`t feed and don`t make him an even greater threat. The problem is that the Fizz can use this moment and roam to other lines, becoming a nuisance for enemies all over the map.



coolest lol champions

Senna is a marksman who has treatment, shields, control, and the ability to hide their allies. Besides all this, she has a huge range, and she deals quite a lot of damage. Riot nerf her, but it was not enough for her to stop carrying the games. They hit her scaling, but the games already end up to 30 minutes, so this nerf was not so critical.


Most likely, your top will definitely pick up some AP because they are now the strongest toppers. The jungle can pick any champion depending on the preferences of players, but the game has more AD junglers than AP.

If the mid decides to take the popular nowadays AD champions, the role of AP damage will fall on the support champion. If you do not take the AP support, the protective itemization for enemies will become much more straightforward. The Ninja Tabi will be too valuable for them. To avoid such a tragic scenario, pick Swain, Zyra, or Brand. It will be the best LoL characters in this meta.

If you are in gold or under, the Brand is a great option because of its huge damage. At a higher elo, it is better to take Zyra or Swain because they are much more useful in the end.

Let’s talk about the Support meta at the moment. Recently, they have experienced too little change, and it is quite understandable, meta of supports are very diverse now. At a high elo, Thresh is still the most popular support champion, but right behind him are Lulu, Yumi, and Morgana. The top 4 on all ranks are Lux, Thresh, Morgana, and Leona. They will be the coolest LoL champions if you like to play support. In general, you understand that there is a lot of variety now.

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