In recent years, the MOBA genre has been actively developing on mobile platforms. Now 3×3 and 5×5 team confrontations are available on any modern smartphone. In this short selection, we have collected the best mobile MOBA games on Android.

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. In this genre, players are divided into two teams of 3 or 5 people and fight on a small map. The game aims to destroy the enemy’s base. To do this, you will have to pass defensive towers, fight with enemies, and improve the chosen hero.

Mobile Legends

top mobile moba games

The game is at the top of the popular mobile MOBA, thanks to the high-quality graphics, a large number of unique characters, and spectacular battles. Before the start of the game, it is necessary to choose a hero from an extensive list and go into battle as part of a team of five people. The main objective is the destruction of the enemy base, located at the other end of the map.

To achieve this goal, you must destroy all enemy towers on one of the three lines, or better on all of them. Creeps regularly move on these lines, controlled by computer intelligence. You will accrue experience and money for their killing, for which you can buy equipment for your character. The main battles take place between players of opposing teams. The variety of heroes and tactics of their interaction with each other – allows you to create an unlimited number of unique game situations.

Arena of Valor

top mobile moba

The game is already hugely popular in China and was officially released in other countries, and immediately loved by fans of mobile MOBA games. This position is achieved due to a large number of available characters for the game and some interesting features. For successfully completed games, you will increase the level of the account, open unique arcana used to strengthen the performance of the hero before the match.

You get only a few free heroes at the start – the rest could be open for local currency or by participating in special events. The game map is designed in the classic style of the genre and consists of three lines with towers separated by a forest and a river in the center, where bosses appear periodically. The killing of them will give a temporary advantage to the entire team.

MARVEL Super War

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A game with famous comic book characters is among the top of best phone MOBA. Each represented character has its own unique style, skills, and special ultimacy, which are based on the history of the heroes. There is also no additional system of runes and other character enhancements before the battle. This peculiarity has benefited – matches are more balanced. Reputation and achievements are earned solely based on the player’s own skills and perseverance in combat.

The map is implemented in a format familiar to the genre and is divided into two halves locations with three main lines. Towers are replaced by turrets that automatically fire on approaching enemies. To win, it is necessary to destroy the enemy base, destroying all the turrets on one or more lines. The opposing sides are formed by five men. The key to success will be the coordinated actions of all team members and the proper combination of skills heroes.


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The popularity of the game is marked by many original ideas and a significant difference from the usual phone MOBA. The main game mode is a format of battles between two teams of three people on a map with one line. A large part of the presented location occupies the jungle, where there are strategically important objects in the form of mines, the capture of which brings additional gold to the entire team.

In the center of the map, powerful boss Kraken periodically appears, which can turn the tide of battle. He will join the team that defeats him. The Kraken will walk down the line, dealing massive damage to enemy buildings, and will not stop until it is destroyed by opponents. There is also a classic five-on-five battle format mode with three lines. Players have more than 50 different heroes to choose from, each with a unique look, a well-written story, and a set of interesting skills.

Heroes Evolved

One of the top mobile MOBA emphasizes the strategy of fighting. The popularity is indicated by the presence of a large number of characters available to players, each has its own fighting style and a set of unique abilities. The lack of unnecessary items and additional characteristics make the gameplay faster, more dynamic, and interesting. The store contains only useful items of equipment, conveniently divided into classes, which allows you to not waste extra time studying the attributes in the heat of battle.

Battles take place in several formats. The familiar conflict between two teams of five on a map with three branches, a vast jungle, and a water basin separating in the center. A simplified version with one road leading straight to enemy’s towers, with no possibility to turn from the path, only a straight line for fast and fierce battles. At the end of all battles, additional coins are awarded, achievements are unlocked, and profile levels are raised.

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