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The first racing games appeared in the 70s of the last century. Since then, technology has made a gigantic leap in development, and a massive variety of virtual entertainment appeared in the world, but racing has retained its status as one of the most popular formats. If you are a fan of this genre, then we have prepared a rating of the best Android racing games especially for you, which include the most popular racing games for Androids in 2020.

The Genres of the Best Mobile Racing Games, Which Are Popular

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  • Simulators. It will be the best choice for those who prefer realistic physics of car behavior and want to ride on real-life tracks, which are held annually in competitions. Such races can be held both on closed tracks and in off-road conditions (rally);
  • Arcades. They are characterized by easy control, which allows people of any age to play them regardless of their skills;
  • Drift. In this genre, you don`t need to cross the finish line and rush at full speed. You need to pass difficult turns in the drift, impressing the audience with your skills;
  • Drag. The best Android races of this genre require you to change gear in time. The whole distance to be overcome by the car – straight, respectively, you do not need to slow down and fit into the complex curves;
  • Multiplayer races, in which real people will be your rivals. This is a great opportunity to show your skills and compete with other players in the Android car game.

Top Racing Games for Android

Asphalt 8: Airborne

best android racing games

Asphalt is the best free racing game for Android, the name of which is on everyone’s ears. It has one drawback – the desire of the manufacturer to sell something in the game. The game has 9 modes and over 300 storyline missions, exciting multiplayer modes, and a huge collection of cars that you need to open as you go through the story. In addition to this, there are beautiful graphics and convenient management.

Beach Buggy Blitz

mobile racing games

The race is filled with cartoon madness and unusual mechanics. Not only the delightful graphics are waiting for you, but also convenient car control. The game has a large number of modes and tracks.

Drag Racing

android car games

Drag Racing adds the best driving games for Android in which it is important to change gears as soon as possible. From the point of view of mechanics, this is a real masterpiece that will fascinate you in every way. You get the opportunity to customize the appearance and characteristics of your car as you wish. You can control its clutch, turn on the nitro, and do everything to defeat the opponent. Open new cars and add them to your garage. This is the best network race on Android, which will help you sharpen your reaction and learn to bypass your rivals.

GRID Autosport

free racing game for android

The race with good graphics has already been installed by over 1.5 million Android phone users and it is not surprising because there are great picture quality and realistic behavior of cars. All this is complemented by a stunning sound accompaniment. You have to drive on 22 racing tracks of different levels of complexity. The physics, the drift, and the behavior of the car in an accident have been improved in comparison with the previous part.

You will have to show your talents in 5 racing disciplines, each of which has certain achievements. You will be able to take part in races on serial cars, faster or night races on the departure. The choice of cars is simply huge.

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

best mobile racing games

Free and just a good race on Android does not need to be about cars. In this game, you have to race on a motorcycle, getting unforgettable pleasure from this process. At your choice, there are 10 well-designed motorcycles, which you can ride with a view of the position of the driver. Most of the races are held within the city, the rest of the tracks are open for a fee.

Traffic Tour

racing games for phone

Traffic Tour has pleasant graphics and offers good sound. In the menu, you can choose a convenient way to control the vehicle – using the G-sensor or physical keys. You will move in free mode, trying to overcome as much distance as possible in a dense stream. This is the best game of the race to survive on the Android.

Asphalt 9: Legends

best driving games for android

The best racing game for a phone of all time is recommended to players with any level of training. There are 5 quarries with 10 levels and dozens of races. However, the duration of the latter does not exceed 2 minutes. You will surely like the graphics and memorable locations, including the city of the future and narrow European streets. There are both offline mode and multiplayer races.

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