The RPG genre is popular among players by the ability to play different roles that resonate with the inner “I”. You can set the appearance, background, skills, speed, and choice of weapons and make each character in RPG unique.

In the past, RPGs were games for computers because only PCs could absorb the variety and amount of content of role-playing games. Now, the RPG genre has appeared on smartphones and has become the most popular and the most complicated kind of game on mobile devices. Today’s article is devoted to the selection of the best mobile RPG games.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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The unique and the best mobile RPG game in the universe of Star Wars, all imbued with nostalgia and a spirit of power. The version for smartphones became almost a complete copy of the computer Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: flexible character settings, the choice of different weapons, a giant open world, plot, and graphics.

Few smartphone games can provide a full and interesting story, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic gives not just a story but also unique gameplay.

Fallout Shelter

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Fans of the Fallout series of games call the second part the best game of the series. Now you can play Fallout 2 on your smartphone. The project has been completely transferred to mobile devices, moving the entire plot and gameplay under the new control on the smartphone.

Dragon Raja

best rpg app games

Top RPG mobile game with incredible graphics, physics, and scale, thanks to the Unreal Engine 4. It is rare to find a mobile game based on the engine used in AAA projects for computers and consoles.

The plot tells about the confrontation between heroes and dragons, has a few tens of hours of various gameplay, from PVP-arenas to passing the plot.

The game has a small disadvantage, namely the high technical requirements for the smartphone. You will able to play only on top smartphones with RAM from 8GB.

Lineage 2M

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A complete remake of the computer version, which has an open world with a map of more than 100 thousand square kilometers, not every PC game can boast such a big open world. Graphics in Lineage 2M amazes the imagination, developed, and realistic picture pleases the eye.

The game has absorbed the entire gameplay of the computer version. Lineage 2M gets the top 3 best phone RPG games every year.

Warhammer: Odyssey

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An interesting game in the genre of RPG mobile games because of the emphasis in Warhammer: Odyssey is on exploring the open world, the passage of the plot, and the development of the character. The game is a designed and beautiful part of the Warhammer universe and allows you to learn the new secrets of the world.

Evoland 2

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The Evoland series is intriguing, as it combines many genres to maintain interest. However, it is inherently RPG, and it drifts the genre throughout history, from 8-bit to the magnificent visual effects we are used to today.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2

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Franchise Pen & Paper turns the role-playing game D&D into an RPG phone game. You play for a team of nerds who play RPG with pen and paper, in which events come to life.

You have knights for fantasy fans and a Galaxy for fantasy nerds. Whatever you choose, you will have an explosion with this franchise.


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Eternium is, without a doubt, the best alternative to Diablo on mobile devices. It not only has an absolute ton of content and production but also has an innovative touch control circuitry, which allows you to play skills and spells by drawing figures.

AnimA ARPG (2020)

anima arpg

Diablo II will forever remain in the hearts of the classics, who have played this game on the PC, but we can’t stop the progress and these crazy developers who can offer a superb alternative. AnimA boasts its similarity to the Blizzard game, good camera, dark magical atmosphere, and diverse gameplay.



Top mobile RPG SINoALICE is incredibly beautiful and tightening. The game from well-known developers Square Enix boasts excellent graphics, a lot of special effects, and all the classic advantages of RPG. In the game, you will find a lot of classes, items, equipment, weapons, and most importantly, the pleasure of what is happening on the screen.

Black Desert Mobile

black desert mobile

A mobile version of the most beautiful MMORPG, which also boasts a modern picture. The player will have to create a character and go on adventures in the fantasy world, in which he can build his castle and hire workers, as well as participate in PvE (passing the dungeons, battles with the world’s bosses) and PvP (battles in the arena).

Pumping, pets, grinding – these and other RPG mechanics here on the spot. But what beautiful graphics! Black Desert Mobile can already be safely purchased only to enjoy this picture.

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