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Overwatch by Blizzard is a good shooter with great graphics and perfectly built lore of the game. Also, a huge plus is free weeks during the various events, where everyone can try the game. In this guide, we will tell you about the best Overwatch characters for beginners.

At first glance, Overwatch looks like a session shooter, where the main skill is aiming, but it is partly true. The main aspects of the game are the team chemistry and the right choice of the heroes. For example, the counter pick of the Pharah is Widowmaker, and Widowmaker can be countered by Sombra, and so on.

Over time, you will start to feel which heroes are good against each other. So, let’s look at the top Overwatch heroes for a comfortable game.

Supports for Beginners

overwatch best heroes


One of the best Overwatch heroes for beginners, who easily performs his task. The only and significant disadvantage that she can not stand up for herself. Mercy must always be under the protection of the tank and damage dealer.


  • Does not require good aim;
  • Good in conjunction with the Pharah and Bastion;
  • Quickly understand how to play for her;
  • She can soar in the air and fly to her allies, which makes her mobile;
  • Resurrects allies;
  • Has a health regen itself, which will allow you to shout without distracting from the battle.


  • You will be a priority target for the enemy team;
  • Easily contested by Sombra, Tracer, Widowmaker;
  • Ult is chic, but not so useful compared to others;
  • During the resurrection of an ally, Mercy becomes very vulnerable because the speed of movement drops several times;
  • It will not be able to resist the damage dealers, for example, Tracer, Sombra, Genji, Reaper, etc.


top overwatch heroes

In general, this hero is very effective, both in combat and in support. Moira has two main features, one of which is the sphere of damage, and the other healing. Beginners will be happy with this easiest Overwatch character for beginners.


  • A lot of healing;
  • Good mobility. By the way, the skill will allow you to get out of the gravitational core of Zarya;
  • Spheres for damage and healing. The Damage Sphere passes through the shields of Orisa and Reinhardt but is absorbed by the D.Va Matrix;
  • Ult heals allies and lays enemies down.


  • Very weak against damage dealers.

Tanks for Beginners

most popular overwatch character


The most popular Overwatch character among the tanks. He can withstand huge damage and fight back the damaged dealers who are in the vicinity.


  • He holds the protection well, as its shield has a large coverage area;
  • Powerful attack with his hammer/axe (depends on the skins);
  • If the shield is removed, it will regenerate after a couple of seconds;
  • High health margin.


  • Weak in the long and medium-range, so his attacks are designed to target in the close distance;
  • Bad mobility;
  • Big hitbox.


good overwatch characters

Good overwatch characters that can have a great impact on the battlefield. You can play for him as a damage dealer or a tank that will absorb all the damage. By the way, by combining a hook and an alternative attack, you can kill all the heroes with a healthy reserve of 200 points.


  • A high stock of health;
  • Can restore health;
  • Attracts enemies with a hook.


  • High hitbox;
  • Very weak without support during the ult because the movement speed drops, and you can’t cancel the ult to heal;
  • You need to aim for a good game;
  • The main and alternative attack are effective but can give a normal pressure only at close range.

Damage Dealers for Beginners

There is a very large selection of damage dealers, but not all of them are suitable for beginners, for example, Hanzo and Genji are very skill-dependent heroes, as well as Symmetra can be attributed to them. To learn how to play them, you need many hours to run, look at the guides for each hero, and understand the mechanics of the game. So, let’s look at those damagers, for which any beginner can play and get pleasure from it.

Soldier: 76

overwatch heroes for beginners

Overwatch best hero for lovers of shooters, especially if you are constantly playing in CS and the like games. Its main feature is the ease of learning. He does not have any specific skills, and those that he has are easy to understand.


  • Easy to learn and does not require a guide;
  • Good damage;
  • He can heal himself and his teammates;
  • Very powerful ult because you can easily kill all enemies with a reserve of 200 units if you will use it at the right time;
  • Good mobility.


  • Requires aim at the average level.

You can try absolutely all the heroes and learn to play them if you like. Choose a role that fits your personality and go ahead. In this list, we have collected the most popular Overwatch characters for you to start and play comfortably if you’re new to the game. Remember that there are no restrictions, and everyone chooses their own samurai way. Good luck.

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