Simulators attract a large audience. Especially if they offer revolutionary gameplay. Just like Microsoft Flight Simulator, whose giant-scale caused a storm of discussions. But this development of the simulator genre is not limited to it – right now, get acquainted with the best sim games of 2020!

Microsoft Flight Simulator – the Whole World on the Monitor

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The era has come when even the owners of top systems can not install top sim games to their hard drives. If they have at least 2, even 20 terabytes – still not enough. The new version of the simulator pilot from Microsoft will take two THOUSAND terabytes! Only a huge remote server can accommodate the scans of its entire surface. Fortunately, Microsoft has such a server. Connecting to it will be the basis of the entire gameplay.

The project certainly can not be afraid of pirates because nothing will work without a network connection to a mega-machine from Microsoft. It will remotely load textures that will turn into realistic outlines of cities, rivers, forests, and airports using procedural generation.

Kerbal Space Program 2

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One more space-related simulator. What to do, we live in interesting times. The first part of the Kerbal Space Program was released in 2011 and introduced players to a race of green and extremely curious Kerbal. They were building spacecraft and exploring space. Now their adventures will continue.

Compared to the first part, the sequel will offer new technologies and features. Players will be able to use analogs of the latest developments in rocket science. The process of spacecraft construction will be facilitated by animated guides. But there are still difficulties to be avoided, and it makes the gameplay fascinating.

Besides the creation of missiles and research of the nearest planets, it will be possible to build alien colonies. A sufficiently developed colony will allow building ships for long journeys, which will open the way to deep space. And there, the players will be waited by incredible planets with unique properties and resources.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

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Do you think Mount & Blade is a game about chopping men in armor, knight tournaments, and buying food for your squad? You are very much mistaken. There are enough action and role-playing elements in the game, but there are also a lot of simulator elements. Take at least horses – in the second part, as in the first, there will be several breeds, each will have unique characteristics and physical features. Ride on a light horse – can catch up and quickly escape from enemies. Sit on a heavily armored horse – you will not be able to accelerate strongly, but, crashing into the ranks of the enemy, crush a few skulls.

The combat system will also be simulated to some extent, especially given that the developers have improved it by introducing many beautiful animations. It will be possible to repel blows from the enemy, block their shield, knocking the enemy down, or pushing him against the fortress wall. You can also control your troops by giving them commands in real-time, so the commander’s simulator has arrived.

In addition to the battles, the top simulation game will offer to create a dynasty and develop it to secure the future for themselves and their families. And it will also be necessary to fill the treasury, buying businesses, transporting goods and so on. And this is not to mention the political intrigues, using which it will be possible to gain an advantage over other lords and get closer to the dream – the throne of the whole Calradia. It turns out that the second part of Mount & Blade 2 can safely be called a military-economic medieval and just good simulator with action elements.

Bum Simulator

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We just don’t notice how the life of a homeless person is full of romance, sitting in our apartments with smartphones and a full fridge of food. Do not you believe it? Simulation of a homeless person will help you. The game will tell you about the daily routine of the average American homeless who enjoys his life and dreams of becoming an urban legend.

Surviving on the streets in search of food and warm clothes, he will spoil the mood of ordinary passers-by in every possible way, ask for money, train the pigeons, and set them on guard. It will also be possible to get “higher street education” in the direction of “AlcoAlchemy” and learn about the existence of rat people. We are looking forward to it. It is a pity that even an approximate date of release is not yet known. But the game was announced in 2018, so the official release is not far off.

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