No man is an island if we talk about the game industry. In other words, there are many extremely interesting and successful games made by one person. Today we will speak about such projects and their creators.


games made by a single person

Of course, Minecraft is the best game made by one person. The idea is very simple – you need to study the procedurally generated world and build a lot. All this in a cubic world with schematic graphics, which became a measure of the minimum acceptable level of quality, often in a joking form.

The creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson, has made an enormous fortune and now lives happily by his one-man game. Admirers still build unimaginable structures that amaze the imagination. There is another pleasant side effect – many young people are interested in the Java language, which is used to create Minecraft. And when you once again try to find a solution to a bug on the Internet with some Stack Overflow, do not be surprised if the video of a green schoolboy will be useful for you.

Her Story

games created by one person

The sole creator of Her Story, Sam Barlo, is from a large studio Climax Studios, authors of Silent Hill Shattered Memories. Sam always wanted to become a single developer of games, and at first, he decided to do choir again. But later, he liked the idea of a kitchen detective, i.e. a project that would be as personal as possible for the player, but at the same time would benefit from a low budget.

So, Her Story, a game of logic with excerpts of the suspect’s interview. The only task is to prove her guilt or innocence. An hour later, the plot makes a cool turn, and an epilogue provides interesting food for thought. In a word, we recommend it.

Papers, Please

single developer games

The indie game made by one person Lucas Pope has very original game mechanics. We take on the role of the migration officer, who makes decisions according to the documents. They are submitted by people at checkpoints, so we constantly have to face moral choices – the one who has not passed is threatened with death by hunger, war, or illness.

It is noteworthy that Lucas’ idea was born out of his competitive work for Ludum Dare, and later developed into a full-fledged game in the HaXe programming language using the NME open framework. Already in May 2013, Papers Please successfully passed the Steam Greenlight test, and you know the next fate was a success.


one man game

Undertale is a perfect example of how classics can be transposed to new rails. The game, at first glance, uses the classic JPRG 80s gameplay scheme, but it skillfully ridicules them. The player turns out to be in a slight shock for a couple of minutes, goes further, and again stumbles upon something incomprehensible.

It’s funny that the creator of Undertale Toby Fox was inspired not only by the old Mother but also by Internet culture and comedies like “Mr. Bean” – this is where the overall feeling of parody comes from. Nevertheless, Undertale has a serious plot, a clear idea, and a rather gloomy atmosphere. The final result was so wildly mixed that the game ended up on the top line of Metacritic, and the soundtrack – on vinyl.

We warn that Undertale can be easily misunderstood and abandoned. We will have to tolerate even some jokes from Toby Fox. But everyone has to try it out, such projects appear once in a decade, if not less often.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

one man game

Surprisingly, the author of the first RollerCoaster Tycoon, Chris Sawyer, hated roller coasters. Nevertheless, he decided to “explore” the issue, to understand the essence of this phenomenon in his game. In the process, he got so involved that the rides became his new passion.

Chris developed the first Rollercoaster on his own on the x86 assembler with a small portion of C for interaction with Windows and DirectX. The publisher of Hasbro Interactive insisted on their artist Simon Foster, and the result of their work turned out to be exemplary – 180 million dollars, 30 of which were sent to Simon. And then popularity, lots of sequels, in general, everything as always.

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