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The New Year is coming, and soon we will be in the atmosphere of the holiday and feel the real winter mood. We hope that the New Year will bring fewer global events around the world, but do not hope that we will not get new games on your cell phone. The upcoming mobile games will reach an even higher level of development and will surprise us even more than 2020.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift from Riot Games is not a ported version of the game from PC, but optimized specifically for mobile devices version of the familiar to many MOBA. In some regions, the open testing of the game has already begun, the players from the CIS will be able to try beta in December, and the full release is planned for 2021. This upcoming Android game should surprise all of us, as it will be able to attract a huge number of new players.

The throne under Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will shake because, in Wild Rift, it will be the same as in the Chinese fake. It is no secret that Mobile Legends has been sued by Riot Games since its inception because of similar design and mechanics, and the U.S. company simply missed a chance to break into the market first.

Don’t Starve Newhome

Don’t Starve Newhome is a mobile multiplayer spin-off of the famous Don’t Starve survival. The game is in closed beta testing, which started later than previously scheduled due to the pandemic. The development of Snegqu Games is underway, and this will be their first creation. Android game release date is unknown but should appear somewhere in 2021 on iOS and Android.

Despite this, this Android game is coming soon, and we can expect from Newhome quality and the developed world inside the universe of Don’t Starve. Drawing will not change, the basic mechanics will be preserved, the enemies will be new. The balance and the heroes were corrected to make the online session shorter because you could play the original for several hours if you want.


This musical game with a deep plot in the fantasy setting will be released in July 2021. Buy a pair of headphones for its release – the whole narrative will be based on sounds.

Funds for the game were collected on Kickstarter. Donaters liked the tale of a little traveler who wants to go home and tell about the wonders of the world to her mother. It will be one of the best upcoming mobile games, immersed in which everyone can relax after work and study.

Diablo Immortal

Surely it will be released in February 2021, right before BlizzConline, the digital event that Blizzard plans to hold instead of the canceled BlizzCon 2020. It’s time to please the community, which “has smartphones”. However, this is an assumption, the real dates are still kept secret.

Despite the negative, which fell on Blizzard after the announcement, the mobile Diablo has all chances to become the game of the year in the mobile segment. Firstly, it is a well-known franchise and no less famous developer, the credit for which has not yet been exhausted. Secondly, the latest promotional materials are shouting that the game is thoroughly well-developed. And although most part of the game is created on outsourcing, experts from Blizzard still control the process. We are looking into the future with a positive attitude and will draw conclusions after the new release of the Android game.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

In the fourth quarter of 2021, each of us can become a Geralt from Rivia, or at least Lambert. The original developers of the Witcher trilogy stole the idea of Pokemon GO and make the game about monster hunting in augmented reality. Instead of a silver sword – a smartphone.

Interesting fact: thanks to the announcement of a mobile game in the setting of The Witcher, CD Projekt RED shares have increased to the maximum and made it the top 1 company in Poland. But, thanks to constant cancellations of Cyberpunk 2077, she lost this status, but this is another story.

Path of Exile: Mobile

The release of mobile PoE is scheduled for the winter of 2021 so that fans of this hack and slash will have time to wait. Also, it is not yet clear whether the plans were outlined before the pandemic, as Grinding Gear Games prefers to keep everything a secret.

According to developers’ plans, the mobile devices will try to fully transfer the original PoE, changing only the interface and management. By the way, during the release of the mobile version, the PC will already have the second part of the action, so the olds will have to move to the phones to play the classics.

While you wait for these games, we have a list of the best mobile RPG games.

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