MorphVOX Pro

voice morphing software

MorphVOX Pro leads the top of the best voice changers. It strikes a balance between functionality and user-friendliness: there are a large number of pre-prepared filters, and the overall functionality of the program is amazing.

You can make the program work in almost any application by selecting in the recording settings a virtual audio card, which appears in the system after the installation of the program. Also, MorphVOX is very democratic about computer resources and runs stably on both old devices and new PCs.

AV Voice Changer Diamond

best voice changer

The main distinguishing feature of this PC voice changer is a huge variety of settings that allow you to change your voice to unrecognizable while maintaining its natural sound.

Unfortunately, AV Voice Changer Diamond is not suitable for weak PCs, but this disadvantage is justified because of the wide functionality of this software. For example, the voice change effect can be applied not only to the sound in real-time but also to already recorded files. Also, hotkeys allow you to quickly switch between presets, which you can create and save. The only disadvantage is that the program is not free, and the demo version works only for two weeks.

Voxal Voice Changer

best free voice changer

The first three are opened by a conceptually interesting voice modulation software, which looks more like a professional sound editor than the programs we mentioned above. But, despite the seeming inconvenience of the interface, the process of adaptation is quite fast. You can see the elements that make up the current version of the filter in the main window, and you may create a unique preset using a convenient system of effect combination.

You can use this program both for audio recording and for communication in messengers. It is also possible to apply the effects of voice change on an already recorded file.

AthTek Skype Voice Changer

voice modulation software

This voice change software is oriented to work with Skype. The main menu of the application meets the user with an intuitive interface with a small number of presets that can be expanded by downloading new effects from the developer’s website.

In additional settings, you can set up voice parameters in detail, as well as activate recording and saving conversations on Skype. AthTek Skype Voice Changer supports both lives and recorded voice changes, which sets it apart from competitors who do not have this option.


Scramby is the best free voice changer with a set of 26 voice change presets. It works steadily even on weak PCs and provides quality speech processing.

The lack of fine adjustments is well compensated by the abundance of adjustable filters and effects. Scramby works only in real-time, but it supports a large number of applications and messengers.

AV VoizeGame

good voice changer

As the name makes clear, this voice changer program is designed for video games and works correctly even in modern projects. The software has a lot of fine-tuned settings, high quality of voice change, and the possibility of sound correction. However, AV VoizeGame is a paid application, and the cost is about $30, which deprives a huge number of users of the opportunity to use this professional voice-changing software.

MorphVOX Junior

This program is a free configuration of MorphVox and has reduced functionality than the full version of the application. But even so, it remains a very advanced solution in terms of voice change. It has a set of interesting filters and the ability to fine-tune the sound of your speech by changing the timbre of the voice.


The fine-tuning of parameters is not available to the user; you can choose only different filters: most often – humorous. The program works only in real-time, exclusively on Skype.

ClownFish is unlikely to be suitable for keeping your privacy, but it is quite suitable for a joke. And the intuitive interface, ease of setup, and stability will not wash your nerves when using the program. The filters are bright and colorful, but they are of little interest to advanced users.


VoiceMaster is a small voice-altering software to change the voice on Skype. It does not work in other applications, but there is no problem with it within Skype. VM has quite a lot of handy filters, where the functionality ends – there are no manual settings here. On the other hand, the load on the system is minimal.

Fake Voice

voice altering software

Fake Voice is a simple and convenient voice editing program. You can find the necessary minimum functionality: voice tone adjustment, as well as prepared effects – robot voice and echo effect. The software spends not too many computer resources, and it takes less than a minute for any user to fully master the interface. This program allows to convert voice beyond recognition, but its capabilities are not enough for everyone. From the simplicity of the device Fake Voice also follows fairly high stability in online mode: in games, in Skype, and Discord.

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