At the beginning of a new game, we often open the map to admire and present the approximate hours of future passage. And it’s satisfactory if the time will be fascinating. However, sometimes a large map only adds a frankly unnecessary scale because it is vital to make any world attractive to study. Here we have collected the largest video game maps, and it is pleasant to return in a part of them, and some maps can be safely ignored.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

biggest game world

Everyone’s favorite The Witcher 3 opens our list of games with the largest maps. Not the biggest, but well thought out world is one of the reasons why you can get lost for long hours in the game. It is almost impossible to ride on the Roach for more than two minutes and not to come across an interesting place. Many details are noticeable, villagers and townsmen sometimes leave funny or sad notes with ads, and each new territory has its orders and foundations.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

largest video game map

You can always feel one of the biggest open-world maps in games of the Assassin’s Creed series, and it necessary to study it long. Among them, the fourth part still stands out, whose scales could scare at the beginning of the passage. After a while, you realize that most of the area is occupied by water. You have to travel on the ship of Edward Kenway “Jackdaw” between the small islands and the ships on the way. The pirate atmosphere is memorable for many years!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

games with the largest maps

Studio Ubisoft likes to create large game maps, and Wildlands got one of them. Also, this part was the first in the Ghost Recon series, allowing players to freely move around the map. The action takes place in South America, in the state of Bolivia. In addition to cities and lakes, you can meet deserts with jungle and snowy mountains. This is an amazing expanse for the cooperative shooter.

Death Stranding

largest open world maps

Death Stranding is a “courier simulator in the post-apocalyptic US. Playing for Sam, the character of Norman Reedus, we carry parcels to delivery points, which are often located at different edges of the largest open-world maps.

Any trip is a kind of test that makes you think about which way to choose for a particular case. Variety is also added by the fact that the parcels have weight. They make the hero bend under the weight, do not fall on steep slopes, and gradually collapse with each fall. And there are ponds on the way, which are not worth going afloat.

Just Cause 4

biggest open world game map

You can meet any part of the series in the list of the largest open-world game maps because the sizes are approximately equal. In Just Cause 3, most of the territory was occupied by the sea, which surrounded the island and gave the map extra volume.

Just Cause never gave the player a reason to explore the vast expanses that are offered to them. The fourth part was especially successful in the weather effects as tornadoes, physics, and destructibility systems improved significantly.

Final Fantasy XV

biggest open world map

One of the largest open-world games with dynamic changes in weather and time of day, which directly affect the gameplay. Thus, at night, monsters appear on the roads that prevent you from driving on. The full day in the game is approximately equal to an hour of real-time, which forces you to often look for accommodation and food for the characters.

You will move through the colorful scenery on a personal car of the main character of Prince Noctis. Gasoline reserves are limited, so you should remember about gas stations in cities. Take your time and gradually study the map. In the forests, there are many small houses and farms with locals, and fishing in the local ponds can take a long time.

Forza Horizon 3

biggest open world game

The map of the third part is twice as big as in the second part. This time, the player is transported to hot Australia, particularly to the east of the continent. In this case, the world did not become less memorable. Driving by expensive cars, you can travel through large metropolitan areas, tropical forests, the coast by the sea, and semi-arid desert.

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

biggest video game maps

Surprisingly, since 1996, the second part of The Elder Scrolls series still remains the largest open-world game. And it’s hard to beat the crap out of it: about 750,000 NPCs are located in more than 15,000 villages, towns, and caves, where everything can be explored.

Bethesda director and game designer Todd Howard admitted that the Morrowind card is only 0.01% of the size of the Daggerfall, whose area is about 25.9 square kilometers. In the fourth part, the map was already larger – 41.4 square kilometers, and in Skyrim, only 30 square kilometers. It remains only to wait and guess how the announced The Elder Scrolls VI can surprise.

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