Football helmet

Microsoft is one of the largest transnational companies that produce proprietary software for various kinds of computing equipment such as personal computers, mobile phones, game consoles, and much more. And now it teams up with famous sports companies Riddel and Bauer to create a new football helmet in the style of Halo. It will be a limited edition.

The price of such a development is 100$. And the inventors recommend using it only for demonstration. It’s not created for football playing. The Master Chief`s number is printed on two sides and at the back is the sticker specially for the 20th anniversary.

So, if you can afford to leave this amount of money, let’s do it. You can order the helmet on the Riddel official site. Every model is made using special technology, the multi-stage painting. Also, the helmet can be won in the lotteries from the developer’s Halo Infinite.

Earlier, Microsoft collaborated with the most famous sports companies Adidas. They presented to the world special sneakers in the style of Xbox for the 20th anniversary.

Halo has been one of the dominant franchises in the video game world for over 20 years. And Riddell Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of football head protectors.

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