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Many players wonder how to level up fast in Fortnite. There are many ways to do this. The first thing you need to do is prioritize your tasks. Each season you start with level 1, and you need to regain another 100 levels to get all Battle Pass awards. Epic Games always bring variety in level accumulation. Today we will help you get to the fastest way to level up in Fortnite.

Daily Challenges

best way to grind xp fortnite

Daily quests allow you to complete your tasks and get experience points for them. The tasks can be very simple but at the same time will require the player to adapt to the new conditions. This is Fortnite’s best way to level up as you can collect sweet experience points during the game naturally.

Weekly Challenges

quickest way to level up in fortnite

The next step to get Fortnite fast XP is weekly challenges. They are most often associated with the themes of Battle Pass and appear every week. If you play Fortnite regularly, it won’t be a problem for you to perform them. They will require time from you and will lead to a great fight with other players because everyone wants to take Fortnite level-ups. You can combine the execution of the task with the royal victory.

Punch Cards

fortnite level up

This is another good way of passively earning experience points. Punch Cards can be very simple but also incredibly difficult. However, you will get a lot of experience for difficult tasks. You will regularly get experience points just for playing because the tasks are directly related to all possible mechanics in the game. This will be a great challenge for you throughout the season.

Party Gang

fortnite best way to level up

When you are having trouble completing a task, you can call your friends for help. Activate the Party Assist function, it will allow you to perform any task in a group with other players to achieve success for one player. The special feature of this mod is that after you complete a task for one member of the group, it will be credited to all party members. Help your friends to survive and complete the task because it is one of the best ways to get XP in Fortnite.

Kill a Lot

fortnite fast xp

Well, now we will talk about the most favorite aspect of the game. When you do tasks, you’ll always be confronted with other players, so be prepared to kill. In fact, there is not much experience for killing. The maximum amount of experience that a player can get for killing is 100. And this is after he has already committed 4 murders. When you occupy the top 1, you can have about 10 or more kills. It seems to be a little quantity of experience, but imagine how much experience you will get for killing if you play every day for a few months.

Survive as Long as Possible

best way to get xp in fortnite

The longer you stay in the game, the more experience you get at the end. Survival is the most important aspect of the game of Fortnite. It is your most important task throughout the game. It will give you not only more experience points but also many more royal victories. Keep this task always in mind and in combination with other ways to earn experience you will see another passive income. You can always count on extra experience points if you last longer. For sure, the best way to level up is Fortnite.

Ranked Boost

how to level up fast in fortnite

When you play ranked, you get extra experience points for hitting the top 20. For the victory, you get 300 experience points. If you steadily start to get to the top 20 and above each game, you will add other passive earnings to your expbox. Your skill will grow faster, which means that the best players are rewarded more. The best players use the maximum from the game to win and therefore deserve more experience. Rating experience will be a great addition to our combo of the best way to level up in Fortnite.


fastest way to level up in fortnite

Do not miss the experience coins because they give a really big amount. You can easily find green coins that will give you five thousand points. Be careful when looking for purple coins, as they are harder to find. When you approach them, they explode, and you will need to collect all the little coins that together will give you 10,300 experience.

Other players can use the coins as bait and kill the players who are looking for the quickest way to level up in Fortnite, so take care.


fastest way to level up in fortnite

Our last tip will be highlighted on the best way to grind XP in Fortnite. You can simply create a game against bots and do all the tasks. In the game against bots, you can handle everything very easily and without any confrontation. However, this way can hurt you in the future, because as we said before, Fortnite rewards the best of the best. The most important way to accumulate experience points is to develop and improve your game skills. After all, if one-day Epic Games will prohibit the use of bots for XP earning, then some players will feel the consequences.

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