Splinter Cell`s remake

For many years the fans of the Splinter Cell bagged the inventors of Ubisoft to release a new part of the series. The stealth action game gives you the opportunity to prevent the use of the mass destruction weapon running the main hero, Sam Fisher. The missions are very different, from the routine reconnaissance to capturing the enemy commanders.

And it seems that the developers heard the people’s requests. Far Cry 6 Devs creates a new remake of the Splinter Cell. The game was planned to be shown in 2020 but the pandemic made its adjustments. The studio took the development very seriously. They updated the visuals and animated the design elements.

The development department announced the opening of a number of vacancies. The company needs modern creators. It is very important for the authors to please the modern audience. Also, the inventors added that the new version will be the basic one for the Splinter Cell future.

The most interesting fact is that the designers had to delete 4 levels from the very first part of the series because the game was too hard. Even the test engineers couldn`t pass the first phases. The company was forced to review the balance of the entire gameplay. And all the actions had to be done in a short time, cause the deadline was not far off. They simply didn’t have time to remain 4 levels.

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