HDMI 2.1

At the end of November, the HDMI Forum published the HDMI 2.1 specification, and it is on the way. After this announcement, many had all sorts of questions. This article will reveal the essence of the most popular ones.

With the new standard, you can get a little more than before, and most importantly, these opportunities are finally available.

If your TV supports at least 4K only, it fits. The one thing you need is new cables. Everything is thought out. The new high-speed cables will fit the old devices without any problems. The fresh specification will be compatible with the previous versions.

It is unlikely in practice to renew the last interpretation to the new. A new frame transport will reduce the input lag. It will shrink the switch by a long shot. Also, the developers guarantee constant perfect sync. The new dynamic is the most important improvement in image quality. It can change the appearance of every scene, not just the program as a whole.

Following the release, a CTS is expected to be published over the next year to test the equipment for compatibility with the new standard. Such an update opens up new horizons, both for those who love games and for those who are limited to films, sports and TV shows. Now it’s up to producers and content creators, it’s important that new TVs are fully HDMI compliant.

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