stalker 2

The developers of one of the most popular games S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 announced that they have decided to remove all activities related to NFT.

The fans of the game asked the inventors about it for a long time. And finally, their prayers were heard. And just not heard but realized!

The entertainment noted that the follower’s interests are the most important thing for them. The game was created to bring pleasure to the players. And it is the main mission of the shooter, no matter how much it will cost in different periods.

An hour before the announcement, the audience saw another post on social networks, that such a game was the most difficult for the creators. And all the money they plan to direct on the improvement of the shooter.

But it was deleted in a few minutes.

The new technology won’t affect other players’ experiences. Tokens will be able to activate only before the release and they won’t impact the plot and gameplay.

The independent development studio also said that they chose DMarket to implement NFT because it is completely game-oriented and makes lower energy consumption and minimal carbon dioxide emissions.

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