TGA 2021

The greatest ceremony The Game Awards took place on December 9 and had the biggest percentage of the views. For the last 7 years, it had the largest number of views. Too many discussions and expectations are assigned for 2022.

Every next ceremony becomes more technically equipped and bigger. The fans of different games and the creators always wait for the next one holding their breath.

The exception was the transacting of The Game Awards 2020 online due to the Covid-19. Fortunately, this year the creators returned to the usual format. The special award reveals the best projects of the current year and also makes the loud announcements.

The most interesting fact is that the least attention was paid exactly to the presentation of the awards, only 38 minutes, while the whole event took nearly 3,5 hours. To be honest, gamers have been desiring from The Game Awards not the results of the year. Everyone is waiting for a great colorful show with the announcements and the gameplay.

Would like to note the creator’s ingenuity and imagination. It takes effort from year to year to carry out a show with such overwhelming success.

Have you ever seen the ceremony? Do you agree with the results of the award?

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