Horizon Forbidden West and Slitherfang snake machine

A Horizon Forbidden West trailer has been released about the new machines Aloy would have to face. In the preview of the trailer, we can see the terrifying metal snake Slitherfang, which opened its mouth.

In the sequel Horizon Forbidden West, the main character Aloy would continue to search for the main source of the devastating plague on earth. She’ll meet frightening monsters and would have a fierce battle with the Slitherfang snake machine.

Given that Horizon Forbidden West was first announced back in June 2020 during a PlayStation 5 event, Guerrilla Games has warned that the game is still in development. Also, the coronavirus pandemic slowed down everything and the release of the game was delayed for some time.

As a result, the release date was postponed to 2022 and the fans were not upset at all, because they were looking forward to the release of their favorite project. Eloy’s adventure sparked so much excitement that the game was nominated for the Most Anticipated Game at The Game Awards, but ultimately The Elden Ring won the award.

When watching the new trailer about machines we can realize that they are built to kill and after that, the Slitherfang snake appears. Her fangs and throat are so intimidating that it becomes clear that the battle between EAloy and this machine would be very epic. Also, the developers wanted to convey the idea that this is a very hostile world and even the most obedient creatures can be a threat to us.

After watching the trailer, many are waiting for the release of the game on PlayStation 5 and want to fight with the mechanical snake Slitherfang.

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