Peak Online Players Farming Simulator

A new Farming Simulator 22, the first self-published game by GIANTS Software in the history of the series, was introduced to the world on November 22. And in the first week, the game set a series record for the starting circulation- 1.5 million copies were sold. Thanks to the independent publication of the game GIANT Software has managed not only to simplify the process of communication with distributors but also to significantly expand the geography of cooperation.

Farmers Simulator was released on PC, two generations of PlayStation and Xbox console and in the “cloud” streaming service Google Stadia. It surpassed such successful new games as Battlefield 2042 and Cyberpunk 2077. One more big record for a franchise was the number of peak online players- it exceeded 100,000.

Farming Simulator 22 not only expanded the series` already audience but also connected in a better way the audience through cross-platform multiplayer on PC, current and latest generation consoles.

It is the largest farming simulator to date with many new features, gamers will be able to create a whole real agriculture empire with the innovation-changing seasons.

GIANT Software CEO Christian Ammann has already thanked the team behind the creation of such a successful game. “The series is moving in the right direction ” he said.

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