Far Cry 6 release

A significant event in the world of games took place, on October 7, Far Cry 6 was released in the shooter genre from Ubisoft Montreal. All fans of the series of this game expect something grand from the project and are eager to try out the novelty.

Let’s find out how the game has performed since the closed beta testing, which took place a month ago. Far Cry 6 is still perceived as a concentrate of crazy entertainment, only too long. The huge island here is almost three times the size of the map from Far Cry 5, but the essence, with rare exceptions, is the same: kill generals, capture outposts and plunder the cows. Many people did not understand the logic: spend resources on creating a game, ask for a lot of money for it, but instead of providing users with an amazing 10-20 hours of gameplay, take and smear all the coolest developments on a giant map.

But give Ubisoft its due: all the traditional side-routines were at least made truly optional. The players were also pleased with the fact that the atmosphere of a carefree vacation in the Caribbean appeared, from the animal companions there was a minimum of benefit, but a maximum of fun and a spectacular setting of story missions.

It can be concluded that the game can be flown in one breath without ever remembering the routine, but it would be very fun and dynamic.

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