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There is no gamer who always comes out the winner in games. Often the boss is too complicated, or the level is placed a lot of opponents, or there is not the right equipment in hand. In general, there are enough reasons to see the Game Over inscription at some point. A player loses due to lack of skill in most cases but there are situations where the loss happens because of his stupidity and looks very ridiculous. In this article, we decided to tell you about the stupidest gamer’s losses that you can come across in certain games.

The Matrix: Path of Neo

This game offers to play for a chosen Neo and immerse yourself in a fascinating struggle with the Matrix, Agent Smith, and other obstacles that meet on the way of the main character. The game repeats the events of the movie trilogy and allows you to take part in the key moments, and also contains many other levels, which are not in the films. But the beginning of the game exactly repeats the introduction of the first part of the trilogy. He walks around the office, hiding from agents, and meets Morpheus with his company under the control of the player. He will suggest choosing a tablet during a short conversation: red to continue the path of the chosen one, or blue to abandon the Matrix immersion. And then the gamer has a choice: which pill to choose. It is clear that it is necessary to follow the canons of the film and take the red. But if a player still chooses the blue, the game ends and throws him to the main menu. So the developers have spawned one of the stupidest Game Over, which can be attacked only by player’s fail.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

In this game, the developers decided to change the image of Lara Croft a bit and make her not a definitely positive character. Because of this there are levels where you need to steal various items, fight with simple guards of museums, and do other not very correct actions during the game.

And despite the fact that the developers often push the gamers to bad actions by themselves, they added one mission, where you can play in a rather stupid way and do the wrong thing. Lara Croft will need to get a diary, kept by an elderly lady in the apartment during this mission. And you can do it in two ways: try to negotiate with the old lady or break into her apartment and steal it.

If you use the first option, grandma will gladly give the diary to Lara. But if the player deliberately decides to break the law and break into the apartment, it will be very difficult to find the diary because the police will come to the place in about a minute. The gamer can not only make it hard to pass but see Game Over in such a stupid way at all.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Players who passed this addition remember the meeting with a hidden vampire for a long time. This creature has lived on Earth for more than a thousand years and he is very tired of communicating with humans. When Herault comes to him it is necessary to be careful during the dialogue.

The player will be able to choose different options during the conversation, and among the replicas will be a lot of secondary questions. When the gamer first asks a question not on the case, the vampire will tell him directly that he does not like to answer that does not concern him. This gives a direct hint that words should be carefully selected. But if the player asks him something wrong the second time, the vampire will pass by Herald, leaving on his body such marks, from which the witcher can not recover. The gamer will get Game Over as a result of his stupidity because the hidden vampire immediately warned him how to behave.

Metal Gear Solid 5

One of the first missions in the game is to rescue Kazuhira Miller, who was taken as a prisoner. The player heard a briefing in front of him at the beginning and understood that he needed to start as soon as possible. The gamer is free to move around the open world, do some side quests, collect items and do something else during the mission. When the main character gets to Kazuhira, he can find out that there is no one else to save, and the captive has already gone to the other world. What will happen if a player will not complete the mission before three in-game days since he received the task. This Game Over is quite stupid because it was directly said at the beginning of the mission that you can’t lose a minute, and you need to get Miller out as soon as possible.


The player tries to stop the artificial intelligence called Shodan, who wants to shoot a laser at the Earth and destroy it. The main character needs to find a way to raise the shields that will block the path of the laser to the planet.

The gamer can personally shoot the Earth with the laser by pressing the large red button labeled “Laser Control”. The beam will hit the planet and split it. The game ends in this case and Game Over appears on the screen, and Shodan sends the player a mocking letter where she thanks him for saving time.

The Stanley Parable

This project tries to interact with the main character in every way and give advice that can not be followed.

The user will solve many puzzles during the passage which will take a long time. And some gamers are trying to activate cheats through console commands to simplify the process. The developers really didn’t want the players to cheat.

After activating any cheat player has been teleported to a special location which is called a serious room. It is a small room, where you will see a regular table in the center. You can’t leave the room, and the storyteller will explain that this is punishment for trying to use cheats, and the main character will have to spend eternity here now. The player will have to start the game again to continue

That’s how the desire to cheat leads to a pretty stupid Game Over.

Rise of the Triad

The battle with the final boss is a rather unusual process in this game. The enemy uses magic, turns into a snake, and constantly lays eggs from which his copies can hatch.

When the player beats him, he may stumble upon a rather silly Game Over. The fact is that if the boss was defeated before the gamer destroyed all the laid eggs at the level of eggs, then in the final of the game there is a message that one of them hatched and after a while captured the Earth. And there’s nothing the gamer can do about it because the game will be over.

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