The Third Sneakers for Xbox 20

This year was very generous for the inventions of the sneakers by the collaboration of Adidas and Microsoft. The last pair was specially presented yesterday in honor of the 20th Xbox Anniversary. The main difference from the previous ones is that everyone can afford to buy them in all Adidas shops and partner`s outlets. Also, you can purchase your favorite shoes on Microsoft’s official website. Its recommended price is 140$.

The whole design and color scheme are made in correspondence to the latest flagship Microsoft console. The sneakers have a black mesh with a green lining reminiscent. It was invented to resemble the Xbox Series X vents. And the translucent sole was the nod to the controller unveiled in October 2021 that is transparent too. The interesting fact is that the first models were raffled off among the fans.

The company Adidas might not have existed at all. The creator originally studied as a baker. Fortunately, at some moment he understood that it’s not his way to follow in father’s footsteps and started making shoes. It is scary to think that due to his father`s selfishness, we could never see this great brand.

So, how do you treat Adidas? Have you ever bought their items? Please write in the comments below!

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