Great Britain's government announced

The UK will refuse 2G and 3G mobile services to make the market entry easier for the new manufacturers.

Culture Minister Nadine Doris said that the 5G technology is already changing humans’ lives and businesses by connecting in Great Britain with the help of faster mobile data and making business more productive.

So Great Britain’s government announced that it will stop using 2G and 3G mobile services to release the 5G and 6G.

Doris added that such refusal would make it easier for the new equipment manufacturers to enter the market since they would not have to support old technologies. The authorities have pledged £50 million to bring The UK to the fore in mobile webs and keep telecommunications networks secure.

The administration of the country intends to stop the dependence on a small number of suppliers. It happened after the Chinese company Huawei banned access to new networks last year. All four mobile networks in the UK have agreed to phase out 2G and 3G by 2023. There are EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three.

The director of the industrial organization Mobile UK said that the tripping of mobile webs will allow operators to fully migrate to more energy-efficient and high bandwidth networks in favor of customers.

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