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Most recently, streaming platform Twitch has banned one of the most successful streamers for life. Guy’s channel, Dr. Disrespect Beim, had more than 4 million subscribers, and the gamer himself was considered a face after the platform left to competitors from Mixer. Most curious of all is how Twitch said goodbye to one of the audience favorites. Instead of explanations – a dry statement about strict adherence to the rules, while Dr. Disrespect himself assures that he did not tell him the reason for blocking the channel. And he is already preparing to sue Twitch.

In July 2021, many tags appeared in Twitch’s pass-through to detect channels of users of different orientations, transgenders, and Afro-Americans. Now it also eliminates the possibility of expressing their disgust with angry comments.

On September 1, a group of streamers staged a #DayOffTwitch to protest an incompetent tweet response to an issue. Twitch responded by being able to confirm his number to participate in chats.

On November 30, Twitch revealed a machine learning system that will find such users. Installed by default in the settings, at the time of participation in the chat of this kind of account, their input is immediately disabled in the comments or the pending moderator action is disabled.

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