Are you ready to jump into the worlds beyond your imagination?! Epic battles, sexy heroes, drama mixed with action and comedy. Oh, yeah, we are talking about hot PS Plus games of March, baby! Read this article to know more!

In February, we wrote about PS4/5 games available for free with PS Plus subscription. In this article, we will announce fresh announcements. It’s time to provide you some new information, bro!

In What Can I Play on PS5 for Free?

Do you like to have a next-gen game console from PlayStation? You are a happy nerd, huh! You can add PS Plus and play in Maquette.

All that is miniature is concurrently enormous in this delightful first-person puzzler composed of an Escher-esque recursive simulation. This is the first PlayStation 5 PS+ release.

Maquette places you in the middle of a world the laws of which are very distinct from our own. Resolutions to puzzles demand you to turn the world recursively.

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What Great Games Await PS4 Gamers?

PlayStation decided to make massive gifts for you, guys and girls! You can play the game of the year for all FF fans – Final Fantasy VII Remake. Also, there is an interesting Souls’ like Remnant: From the Ashes. Enjoy it!

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