TikTok supplanted Google

Cloudflare announced that TikTok has officially become the world’s most popular service, overtaking Google. The viral app attracted so many users and began to collect a huge number of views.

If you look at the ratings, you can see that TikTok moved Google from the first positions back in February, March and June of this year. Also, this application has managed to keep the first place since the end of the summer and these are just incredible indicators.

Last year, Google was the leader in the ranking, but the top ten included TikTok, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix and others. Just a few years ago, the TikTok app was not even close to the top, but suddenly it became incredibly popular. Why did it happen?

After the whole world began to fight the coronavirus pandemic, all people were forced to stay at home and wait for the situation to get better. We all got bored and had to look for some kind of entertainment, one of which was the TikTok application. In this application, you can freeze for a very long time and flip through funny videos and challenges for several hours.

Sensor Tower reported that the TikTok app has been downloaded over 3 billion times on their devices, just imagine! This is slightly less than half of the world’s population. The number of active users reaches 1 billion worldwide.

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