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When you watch a video game, you can roughly guess how long it will take for you to complete it. But with online games, things aren’t so simple, because they are endless. Accordingly, no one can guess how long it will last.

Do you like LoL? Then we have good news for you! We know a way to find out how much time is wasted in League. Surely it will be interesting for you to find out and show off to your friends numerous game hours during which you were able to reach your level.

Is Wasted on Lol Accurate?

time waster on lol

League оf Legends is the main product of Riot Games. The Teamfight Tactics autobattler recently appeared in the game and made it to the Top 10 Popular Games on Twitch between July 29 and August 4. The developer has also confirmed that he is working on a fighting game.

Unfortunately, the game itself cannot provide the exact number of hours you wasted LoL. But still, there are several ways that will help you find out exactly the exact indicators. We will talk about this later in the article.

An interesting fact is that the time record was set on a Korean server. According to many sources, it is described that a person played for 14,403 hours, which is equal to a whole 600 days! Amazing, isn’t it? The second place was taken by the Turkish server, which did not go far from the first place. It wasted time LoL 12,319 hours or 513 days. It is clear that these aren’t ordinary players and not even professionals. They are in this game already as “Gods” and have been playing it since its official appearance on the network.

What Is the Average Playing Time per Player in League of Legends?

league time wasted

Usually, a simple player spends about 835 hours on the game (about 35 days). But every year (especially now during quarantine) this figure is growing significantly. In addition, new players who registered and played not so long ago are taken into account here. If only experienced and old players gathered here, then, of course, the number would have been several times larger. In addition, the figure may change depending on the intensity of the person’s game, his status in the game, and many other factors.

Ways to Find Out League Time Wasted

Method 1

Start your game and go to your profile instead of going directly to the game. Then find the statistics in the menu that appears. At the bottom left you can see how much time wasted on LoL in the current season. As mentioned above, you cannot find the full number of hours here.

Method 2

And here is exactly where we can find what we are trying so hard to find. To do this, you need to use the wol.gg website. When you get to the main page, enter your region and username in the fields. No other data is required. When you enter the data, on the screen you can see information about the time-waster on LoL. You will also see the data with precision in minutes, hours, and days. In addition, you can see where you are in the world ranking. Also, especially for those who want to share their achievements with friends, the site has special links where you can publish personal statistics on Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately, besides this site, there are no other sources where you can find time wasted on LoL. But before there was a site Legends.ai (it doesn’t work), where data was collected about the number of hours played in the last season and the average for past seasons. You could get the number of hours played only by summing up all the data, but since 2019, this opportunity has disappeared.

Method 3

If on this site you couldn’t find the region you need, we have another way to find out about wasted in LoL. But for this, you will need a calculator or your own brain if you can count well. Go to Laoyuegou.com. It contains all the statistics of this game. Look for how many games you have played in total, as well as the average duration of one game. Then just multiply those two numbers, and you end up with wasted time.

Method 4

Here you need to find out how many games you have played on op.gg. When you find the right number, which will be yours, you just have to multiply this number by 30 if you have a low rating, or by 25 if the rating is much higher. As a result, you will get a specific number that will show the time wasted in League.

Method 5

Here’s another way to see the number of games wasted on LoL. Find how many mastery points you have and divide that number by 650. This is significantly faster than going to different sites and looking for information.

Thanks for reading to the end! We are sure that now you can find out wasted time on LoL and increase it significantly. Use it now!

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