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Pika-Pika everyone! Today we have a special article regarding the anniversary of the Japanese announcement of Pokémon Red and Green. The Pokémon Company has a collection of entertainment bounded for fans every year!

The amount of Pokémon lovers is so big that if fans decided to make a global meeting they would rental the territory of one country (or even more).

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When Is National Pokémon Day?

For all quick-answer searchers, we will tell that the national celebration day dedicated to Pokémon is February 27th. And if you are thing how you can celebrate it just read the following text.

How to Celebrate National Pokémon Day 2021?

The Pokémon brand has various products and free presents for its fans. Starting from Snapchat filters to the figurine, mobile game Pokémon Go and lots more. We can recommend doing something from the Nerduel list:

  • Play one of the Pokémon on PC, Xbox/Playstation, Android/IOS;
  • Use Snapchat or Instagram filters to make your conversations viral;
  • Make or buy a costume to cosplay it together with your soulmates;
  • Buy a Pokémon toy.

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