Gaming is considered one of the most advanced and widespread industries, where millions of people from all over the world participate. And as you can imagine, many of them have a desire to meet other people and discuss various games and much more. Therefore, from time to time, the video game’s convention takes place, where they meet.

Each event can be special in its own way, although it doesn’t differ from all the others. But still, we can show you something interesting. Next, you will learn about the biggest video game conventions that have been or are going on so far. We are sure that at least one of them you would like to visit.

Top Gaming Conventions

The following 7 video gaming conventions are the largest and most exciting events in the gaming world that have just been held since the days of the games themselves. Usually, many of them are arranged by the developers of games for consoles and PCs, to show new products, updates, and much more to their fans and amateurs.

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – the Largest Gaming Convention

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For many years in a row, this event has been designed for the gathering of game developers, press representatives, insiders, and game designers. The organizers decided that why hide all the interesting information from those people who will be more interested in it? That is why they decided in 2018 to make major gaming conventions that anyone from all over the world can visit. And then a colossal number of visitors was collected. Therefore, access to events is still open to everyone.

Although representatives of Sony’s company decided not to participate here anymore, and their fans also stopped attending meetings, a lot of other gamers and developers still gather here.

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) – the Most Unusual Meetings

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This PC gaming convention brings together game lovers from all over America and Australia and other continents. It takes place every year and has a very interesting structure. The meetings take place in four stages. Each stage takes place on a special day and in a specific place. It all starts in January in Texas and ends in Melbourne in the fall. But dates and cities usually change every year.

It is also interesting to know that at each of these meetings, thousands of visitors can always see a lot of new things in the industry, which will certainly be of great importance both for them and for developers. In addition, if visitors or famous personalities don’t like something about a new product, then the developers can add some adjustments before bringing the product to the worldwide network. Here you can also meet many popular players, streamers, and bloggers, who are addicted to games. You will surely be delighted when you can get there.

EuroGamer Expo (EGX) – a Major European Meeting of Gamers

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This is one of the largest gaming conventions in Europe to be held in the UK. The main focus of the meeting is aimed at presenting new games, products, as well as updates to previous versions. Therefore, you will surely enjoy visiting this place if you are expecting something new from the gaming world.

Previously, it was always held in London, and once moved to Birmingham, but then returned to its new place again. It is also interesting to know that this video game convention has a branch back in Berlin, which has the same scale as in London. This is very convenient for those players who have to travel very far to meet.

DreamHack – a One-Stop Collection

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Unlike previous and other big gaming conventions, this one is held every year in a different location, sometimes even on different continents. This is the best collection for those players who are interested in the topic of esports. Whole teams come here to test the games, or to conduct master classes of professional games for those who also want to try themselves in this field.

It is interesting to know that many visitors enjoyed the meetings in Sweden. Since DreamHack takes place every winter and summer, Switzerland is the perfect place to host the biggest video game convention. In addition, many visitors dress up in the costumes of their favorite characters, which immerses each participant in a special gaming atmosphere. After you visit one of these video games conventions, you will want to visit it again and again.

The Game Awards – Awarding the Best Console Games

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This event is different from all the biggest gaming conventions. As you already understood, the best games out of all available at the moment are awarded here. Each participant can vote for their favorite game, and express their opinion about other games. This is a very cool opportunity for those who have interesting ideas and suggestions for improving other games.

In addition to the awards, the biggest game convention organizers talk about upcoming new events in the gaming and esports industry, as well as other interesting entertainment for visitors. So don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the coolest games of the current year at this meeting.

Tokyo Game Show – Event for Fans of Japanese Games

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This is the best of all video game conventions east coast for those who love Japanese video games. It clearly differs in style and concept from all the others, because Japanese culture has its own characteristics. Everything here is designed in the style of each game, which immerses you in an interesting virtual world.

The event itself lasts for 4 days. The first two are for industry leaders. That is, these days developers, e-sportsmen, and other persons have access to visit. On the following days, everyone can safely attend the most interesting meeting of the biggest conventions. Interestingly, more than 3 million people attended last year! But this isn’t the final number of viewers, because many participants conducted online broadcasts for those who could not come.

Casual Connect USA – Meeting for Game Developers

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This is one of the biggest game conventions that is suitable for those people who are passionate about developing video games and gaming applications. The most famous personalities in the industry come here every year to share their skills and ideas with others. Here you get a unique opportunity to hear incredibly useful information on game monetization and software development.

As you know, this event is held annually in January in California. Almost the entire Disney hotel (where meetings are held) is busy during meetings, and people start booking rooms six months in advance, if not earlier.

We are sure that this information about big video game conventions was the most interesting for you. And of course, we advise, if possible, to visit at least one of them, because you will not be able to see this anywhere else. Good luck!

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