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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim provides players with a huge open world where they can do whatever they want. But as with any complex world, things can go awry. It’s not very good if the game freezes just when you are about to save it, but it is quite fun to admire the majestic flying horse. So, here are the best Skyrim glitches we’ve found for you.

Flying Carts

skyrim giant glitch

With the help of some unprecedented force, the carts suddenly begin to soar in the air, such a Skyrim glitch on PC can be seen in many players. In case you don’t get it, carts are not supposed to hover and land in Helgen.

Funny Skyrim Glitches with Buckets

skyrim bugs

Buckets and teapots can be worn on NPCs as if they were huge hats. And then he realized that characters with buckets on their heads can’t see anything and you can steal things right from under their noses. Again, they don’t mind buckets on their heads. And for them it is in the order of things to look stupid and awkward.

Become a Horse

funny skyrim glitches

This is the Skyrim Elder Scrolls glitch, which allows us to enter the essence of a horse, which would allow us not only to ride it, but actually become it for a while. Lovers of the show about animals will be able to feel much closer to the wild. To do this, you need to approach the horse tightly and, having made a short step, immediately go into the inventory and eat an ingredient called “Netch Jelly”. This ingredient can paralyze the character for a while, and then press the E key while he is getting up.

Fist Fight

We’re not sure that in a normal fist fight, both NPCs have to swing their arms very hard (while thrashing them through the air), and then just turn around and leave as if nothing had happened when interrupted. NPCs do very often behave strangely.

Skyrim Giant Glitch

funniest skyrim glitches

The attacks of the giants are sometimes too strong and can send you flying. Yes, we also believe that the attacks of the giants should not send the character flying over the distance of a couple of football fields. Nevertheless, if you are not properly prepared, it is better not to pester them, otherwise you risk dying and losing all equipment.

King of Thieves

There is one top Skyrim glitch, but it doesn’t always work well. The bottom line is to put a basket on any NPC’s head, but not a bucket. The problem is that this is not always possible, because an invisible force does not allow you to do this. But if you still succeed, then you can steal anything, because he does not see you.

Flying Horses

best skyrim

There is nothing better than suddenly seeing a horse flying for no particular reason. Imagine you are riding in a cart, and your horse suddenly starts flying high into the sky, but the cart continues to go. Magic in the world of Sayrim is owned not only by the main character, but also by the horse!

Magic Scrolls

This bug is associated with the ancient scrolls – powerful artifacts from the world of Tamriel. Not many will be able to read them and not go crazy, and even Dovahkiin is not always able to do this, especially if he is busy with something. If Dovahkiin simultaneously gets up from the ground and tries to mount a horse, then something unexpected can happen if you go into your inventory and start reading the scroll. Dragonborn would begin to fly and perform the legendary moonwalk of Michael Jackson.

Flying Mammoth

One of the funniest Skyrim glitches with animals. Horses, of course, can fly, but who would have thought that mammoths too! It looks much funnier than a flying horse because the mammoth is huge. Could you hit a flying mammoth with a bow? In this way, you can arrange whole challenges for accuracy.

Fight with Gray Beards

top skyrim glitches

If you start a fight with a gray-bearded man on the top of the mountain, then you can be frozen, and if you were still on the slope at that moment, then you would fall down like ice and spin. When you hit the ground, your weapon would fly apart, but you’ll spin further and fall below, and then sharply can be at the top.

Flying Bucket

Very cool glitch on Skyrim, with which you can fly not only dragons, but also a bucket with a handle. To do this, you need a bucket, always with a handle. After that, place it on a flat surface in front of you, and then pull it towards you by briefly holding down the E key and moving slightly forward. If executed correctly, the game engine would start pushing your character up, perhaps this bug can work with some other heavy object. But buckets with handles make the most stable aircraft.

Sticky Logs

cool glitches on skyrim

Skyrim stupid glitch, which is proof that NPCs in Skyrim are not distinguished by their intelligence and ingenuity, because they continue to do their usual things even when an object is attached to them.

A Strange Dream

great glitches in skyrim

One of the characters learned to rotate during sleep, as if he had been blessed by David Blaine himself. It pivots especially well through the wife, the bedside posts, and the air. This character can be used as a drill to drill holes in walls.

NPCs go Through the Air

Have you ever had such a great glitch in Skyrim when you are exploring the world somewhere high in the mountains and suddenly the NPC just starts walking not on the ground, but in the air? It gets even funnier when he continues to go nowhere, and then abruptly disappears and appears next to you.

Falling from Heaven Without Clothes

The last bug in our Skyrim list of glitches is the situation of falling from heaven without clothes. Such an unexpected fall of an NPC or other personage can cause a heart attack. Imagine, you are walking through the world of Skyrim and suddenly a character without clothes falls from heaven near you. The blog authors have tried to make a selection of the most common bugs in Skyrim. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, there are also smeared face textures or their complete absence, weapons in the body of an NPC and many other random Skyrim bugs.

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