Jack Dorsey Resigned

Twitter CEO officially stepped down. This happened on November 30. After Jack Dorsey’s departure, Twitter Chief Technology Officer will replace him as a new CEO. Despite his retirement, Dorsey will still continue to be on Twitter’s board of directors before the termination of his term of full powers. This will happen at the meeting of shareholders that is scheduled for 2022. Jack claims he is leaving Twitter because the company shouldn’t be managed by a co-founder. In addition, the former CEO says he wants the company to be the most open in the world.

Dorsey has been in the position of CEO for the past 16 years.So, maybe it’s time for the company to change its leadership. A few hours before his official resignation, the reports that Dorsey was about to step down appeared in the media. It doesn’t look like the former CEO had any problems with the company. Perhaps he is leaving to solve new problems.

The new company goal is to have 315 million monetized daily active users by the end of 2023 year, as well as to double its annual income by 2023.

Overall, under Jack Dorsey, Twitter`s finances were excellent. The company`s quarterly financials were good. The company`s revenue for the three-month period was $ 1,19 billion.

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