Unusual gamer performs games without death

Many gamers who have already played a large number of games like to complicate their task and arrange challenges. Very often they want to complete a game without one death, or use only one hand to play. Also, many make it difficult for themselves by deciding to use only one button to defeat the bosses.

The most popular challenge is Run Without Death and there is one player who has taken it to the next level. He proved that you don’t have to use your hands to win games and never die while playing.

A very large number of people with disabilities love to play video games just like the rest of us. They use a variety of gadgets and gimmicks to be able to fully play whatever they like, and they prove that it is not necessary to have both hands to beat the game.

Such a gamer is HanDcapableSean. With a dedicated controller and input mapping software, he can only use his chin. This guy has broadcast walkthroughs for games like ActRaiser 2, Castlevania, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, Ninja Gaiden, and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels and Donkey Kong Country.

The most recent game that HanDcapableSean played was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES, and at the moment he has started running the No Death Race in ega Man 2. Sean really enjoys doing it and showing other people like him how to play video games.

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