Xbox game store feature for Windows

Microsoft has begun rolling out the new feature to the Xbox for Windows. With this feature, you’ll be able to know if the game can work well on their PC. This will look like a checkmark under the button to install the game from the store.

Since the function is not yet fully ready, but is under development, this mark is not displayed for all games. You can check it out and download the Xbox Insider Hub and also agree to receive previews from this store.

It is still unknown how exactly the application determines how the game would work on your computer and whether it’ll take into account the change in the game settings. Perhaps the assessment criteria will be not only “excellent” or “not working at all”, but also some kind of intermediate option.

If you look at the preview version of the application in more detail, you’ll notice only the “play great” tag or its complete absence. If you do not know how to independently assess how the game can work on your PC, then the description of games in the Xbox application contains all the necessary requirements for a comfortable game.

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