Steam Deck

Greg Coomer, the designer in the American company of game development answered about its plans to start shipping steam decks in February. He said that the whole corporation was very upset due to the transfer from the end of the year to the beginning of the next one.

The delay was caused by the uncertainty of the management in the terms of supplying several components. So they decided to play it safe. Nearly 50 items seemed to come late and really few of them did. The developers noted that the process will be launched in February.

Coomer also added that many gamers will get the console in the near future after the shipments. The company talked about which figures may be released in February. It is the real product launch, so in 2022 and 2023 the sales will continue without interruption. And all players will be pleased. The volumes on which the company is counting in the first month are very big.

Valve’s first step in hardware was the Steam Machine. This is the computer specification based on the Linux SteamOS system that any computer manufacturer could use to create systems optimized to run and play Steam.

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