Wejo Neural Edge

Wejo Group Limited has been a global leader in connected vehicle data for years.

Earlier this year, it announced a new development in partnership with Microsoft. Nowadays, more than 200 million vehicles send data from more than 100 sensors to the cloud every 1-3 seconds. And by 2025, that figure will grow to over 400 million. Why is this needed? This enables vehicles to communicate with each other, with manufacturers and other stakeholders, such as general traffic, accident, and weather notifications. A new solution from this collaboration will help control the flow of this data on a larger scale, with better quality and without interruptions. Microsoft will be able to provide the bulk of edge processing power to accommodate the payload needed to move data near vehicles, highways, and cities. Among other advantages, the program will be able to combine data of any car brand on an incredible scale, improve autonomous driving, make roads safe, and facilitate fast parking automation.

This is not the first time Wejo has collaborated with leading companies in the world, but it also has close ties with Palantir, Sompo Holdings, General Motors.

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