What Day Is National Video Game Day

Surely you have played a console or video game at least once in your life. Did you know that there is a National videogame day dedicated to this very thing? Every year it becomes more and more popular, and accordingly there are more gamers and fans of it. Perhaps you can consider yourself a real fan of the gaming industry, including your friends. So why don’t you celebrate this day together properly? Let’s find out what day is National video game day and other interesting information.

When Is National Video Game Day?

This day falls on September 12th. Although the gaming industry has been around for a long time, this holiday was formed not so long ago. But even so, given the rapid development of video games and not only, this holiday will be celebrated for more than one decade.

History of the Day

History of the Video Game Day

In fact, there is no special history of the appearance of this holiday, as well as its creator. Most likely, everything was formed quite simply. Let’s suppose that a group of gamers decided to get together and show their strength, which then grew into something more. Ultimately, it gained immense popularity and grew into a whole National Day.

It is clear that this couldn’t have happened when computers and computer games had just appeared, because few people in those years appreciated this idea at its true worth. But modern realities now show exactly the opposite, right? Accordingly, the holiday itself is becoming more and more large and captures an increasing number of people every year.

What To Do on Video Games Day?

What To Do on Video Games Day?

Today, video games aren’t just a pleasant pastime, they are a whole separate virtual life and a storm of emotions. The storylines of some games can force you to get used to the role of the game character as much as possible, so that you will consider yourself to be just this main character. But video games aren’t only that. This also includes esports, cosplay, and more. That is why every day of video games is celebrated very vividly and on a grand scale. This can be especially felt in the USA and Japan, where the industry is very well-developed.

On this day, you can go to various festivals, gaming tournaments or the nearest computer club. There are likely to be some celebrations where you too can take part. It will be cool if you can transform into your favorite computer hero to fit into that very atmosphere.

If you aren’t a fan of noisy holidays, then just spend this game evening with your friends-gamblers. They will probably want it too when they hear your incredible idea. Throw a themed party and play games all day long. Today it is certainly allowed!
Agree, this is very interesting! Around the world, this day is celebrated by millions of gamers and not only. Join them with your friends and keep this tradition in the coming years. We wish you a Happy National video game day!

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