The vast majority of video games are designed to please and relax the gamer after a hard-working day. But sometimes there are projects from sadistic developers, whose goal is to make the player feel like absolute shit. They immerse gamers into a deeply miserable world, where hope is just a flickering light at the end of a dark and constantly narrowing tunnel.

These ten games are deeply depressing experiences, and sad games that are absolute can’t be recommended to anyone who desperately needs a good mood.

Papers, Please

Papers, Please

The game shows that the repressive regime is thriving in our harsh reality. The player finds himself in a fascinating and creative atmosphere, where he has to act as an officer in the fledgling country. As a statesman, you will be assigned to study other documents and decide the fate of people who may seem suspicious despite all their complaint stories. As a result, the player is faced with life’s problems in society.

You are fully responsible for your decisions. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are in danger. Therefore, be careful in your decisions and don`t make too many mistakes. Do not fall for the tricks of the oppressed and those trying to fight back.

The game will not show you too much good, no matter what end you get.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange

The game is about a touching relationship between Max and Chloe’s teenagers. In the second half, the game takes on a depressing shade of tragedy, in which the player has to make a serious decision.

Max has to cope with a storm that is approaching Arcadia Bay with his time-clogging ability. However, in the culmination episode, she finds herself unable to stop it. She has to make a difficult decision choosing between the life of someone close to her and the lives of the city’s inhabitants.

Any outcome will cause guilt. A storm can break through the city and take a huge number of lives. At the same time, Max can stay with his lover and go on a long journey from the devastation of the destroyed city.

Each final triggers guilt, as players, must decide whether the life of one person is worth the lives of many others.

Shadow Of The Colossus


One of the most legendary and best games of several generations of Playstation. The main character wants to revive his beloved and he is forced to think that he needs to kill 16 huge Colossus to achieve this goal. However, in the end, it becomes clear that the main character was used to achieve a selfish goal.

Killing all the Colossus frees the evil creature’s soul, as parts of his soul were enclosed in the Colossus, which the main character used to kill to achieve his selfish goal. The game is filled with beautiful locations, travels, and unique bosses, whose fights can last a long time.

The protagonist of the game takes the life of innocent creatures, while he was brazenly used. Despite the success of the main character, it is unlikely his goal was worth all the effort, but it is up to each player. This is one of the most emotional video games.

Cart Life

Cart Life

Not a very fun, but soulful, insightful, and quite sad game. The player will need to be in the role of an ordinary working man. You will be a street trader, who lives in a routine and trying to achieve a stable existence.

The game perfectly conveys how tiresome can be a simple arrival afloat. This game is perfect for those who are overworked or not appreciated.

Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line

A project that turns the fun of a shooter into the realization that war is not a joke. The game acts as a critique of war and shows a stunning image of war from the perspective of innocent people and human souls. Battles look frightening, but at the same time realistic. You can see soldiers who blindly take terrible orders and follow the goal.

All these events lead the player to the fact that the character is already a victim of war and has done too much bad. One of the most important video games that will allow you to look at the problem from the other side.



A unique project that is one of a kind. Developers cleverly disguise the terms to which all fans of role-playing games used to. EXP means Execution Points, and LOVE means Level of Violence. So what is it done for? The player controls a small child in a world where he meets many different enemies and monsters. He can interact with them in different ways, but most players certainly make their way through killing. To cause guilt, the developers have inserted a screen on which the characters that the player killed during the game and make you think about the necessity of such actions.

That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon, Cancer

Imagine you’ve become a parent and you have a small child who is terminally ill. The situation is already causing unpleasant emotions. That Dragon, Cancer one of the most depressing games. Your son Joel has cancer and every day can be last for him. According to the game, you’ll have to accept all stages of the disease and accept the fatal diagnosis of the child.

The game can leave many players in perplexity and leave a depressing imprint even if you are not a sentimental person.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

The story of James Sunderland, who is going through a lot of drama over the murder of his sick wife. Silent Hill 2 is a world in which you will experience a debilitating and terrifying event. A ruthless atmosphere in which you have to experience the emotions of the main character, who always blames himself. This is not just a survival game that we are used to, but a real deep depression.

The death of the main character’s wife pressures the game and makes you think not only about the main character but also about a player. At the same time, the developers added the themes of sexual abuse and drug addiction.

The player has a chance to get a happy ending, but by the standards of the game, it will be the least sad finish. While the other endings are really very gloomy and sad.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

The game is not long at all, but its emotional composition is incredibly strong and large. She will definitely leave a deep mark on the player’s soul. You will need to manage two brothers who are looking for the Tree of Life to save their father. At a certain point, the game put an emotional composing to the limit.

During the adventure, the older brother gets mortally wounded by a huge spider and dies. The youngest one will have to bury his brother himself and continue the adventure on his own. The goal will be reached, but the price is too high.

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