We are constantly on the hunt for emotions. People need strong feelings – it doesn’t matter if they are negative or positive. That is why we love not only funny comedies, but also tear dramas and frightening horrors. Sadness is a peculiar feeling. It seems unpleasant, but sometimes for some reason, we really want to feel sad. And here games that will make you cry come to the rescue no worse (and often even better) than cinema. These are the ones we will remember today. Watch out for spoilers and tell us in the comments which games made you cry. Don’t be shy!

Video Games That Will Make You Cry

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

The First World War is a forgotten war. Today, only a few know enough about it, a few know what a tragedy it has become for the whole world. This war for the first time drowned almost the entire Earth in blood and mud. She drove ordinary hard workers, adolescents, and old people into trenches filled with decay and death.

But the worst thing. In this war, when the brother went to brother. Unwillingly. People didn’t understand what they were fighting. They were simply thrown into one large mass grave. And in it they often actually fraternized. The saddest games of all time were quite small, so this particular game can be considered the best that affects such a situation. Valiant Hearts tells the story of a war-torn family very neatly. Understandable and very soulful.

And the ending of the game conveys the whole essence of this senseless carnage. When the soldiers refuse to go on a self-destructive stupid occupation, and the commander simply begins to shoot the “deserters”. Then one of the heroes of the game kills him, knowing that he will only be shot…

And how we worried about the dog! If you are a fan of such tragic stories in depressing video games, then you will certainly be interested in playing this game. We promise it.

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite

Another deep cut on the soul leaves the story of the Lutes (or Lutes, if you will) – scientists who, due to their experiments with parallel realities, were trapped somewhere in between. It seems to be great, but few people think about the fact that Robert and Rosalind are actually dead – and they died because of the betrayal of Comstock. It is because of such a tragic plot that this story can be attributed to the most emotional video games.

Somewhere in the background of all this, there are employees of the Fink factories who wash the floors of the air harbor to the sound of the metronome, the impoverished neighborhoods located under the rich industrial, children dying of hunger, brutal policemen who have long defied the law, religious fanatics led by Comstock. It’s good that BioShock Infinite is a fairy tale that has nothing to do with the real world, right?

The highest point in the development of the plot from the point of view of emotions is the sale of your own child to pay off the debt. It is unlikely that you have ever seen something like this in other sad story games.

Even higher is only a pitiful attempt to repent and fix what is no longer possible to fix. The need to even think that you can get even with your debts by selling your daughter makes you hide in a dark corner and not talk to people for at least a few days. And when you admit that these aren’t just fantasies of screenwriter Ken Levin, but even fictitious, but still based on our life with you, it’s hard not to cry.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us

It was then, already with old age or still with maturity, and we changed the network chaos for calmness, Xbox on PlayStation, stories about heroes for stories about ordinary people.

20 years after the tragedy, Joel will still be haunted by the ghosts of the past. Maybe he spent too little time with his daughter? Maybe he didn’t give her enough? Was a bad father? It was always possible to be even better, but he atoned for all his sins for me personally, when, instead of one lost soul, he pulled out the second from the depths of post-apocalypse hell – in the person of Ellie.

She will never replace Joel’s dead daughter, but she will be a reminder to him that he isn’t a bad person at all, just too much shit happened to him. Surely already, from our description, you understand why you should add it to your list of the best emotional PC games.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

James’ tragedy is being fed gradually. He came to a foggy town because of a letter from his deceased wife Mary, for whom he grieves infinitely and hopes to find her again. But the further he plunges into the nightmare that is happening around him, the more he realizes that the chances of meeting his beloved are getting smaller.

Faced with the troubles of other people, learning more about the suffering that has accumulated in the city, James loses touch with reality, merging with the general madness. Already thanks to this beginning, many choose to play this particular game, and not other PC games that will make you cry.

The climax is a scene in a “special place” to which Mary called him. It reveals the true cause of his wife’s death, and the setting of this moment is beyond all estimates. The moment is piercing in its despair and creeps in, making you rethink all the horrors that you saw in the game before. From the phantasmagoria of a nightmare, the protagonist is forcibly dragged into a harsh reality that is more frightening than any invention.

However, the game reaches its emotional peak in one of the endings (yes, this is one of those heartbreaking games that has several endings), which takes us back to where the game began – to Mary’s letter. Hearing familiar phrases about a “special place”, multiplied by the learned details of the characters’ personal relationships, you perceive them differently. But then the lines of the full letter begin, and they finish you off.

The themes of forgiveness, self-loathing, attempt to live after an irreparable loss, and, most importantly, love that survives even death, turned out to be too human and piercing, close to everyone, even apart from the surrealism of the game.
Surely you could rate our sad video games and want to play it. So start it now!

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