The gaming industry represents an enormous range of games, so the number of players and their types also increases. Some players like not to put too much effort and pass the game at an easy level of difficulty and others like to feel how much the game can compete with them. Today we will talk about those who appreciate the influential emotional and romantic component. For them, we present a list of games with romance options that will cause you a lot of emotions if you know how to worry about the feelings of others.

The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

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The Witcher definitely one of the best RPG games with romance options.

Let’s start with the most actual. One of the fundamental features of Geralt was a great love for sex. Peasant women and noble ladies, brunettes and blondes, witches and warriors, people and non-people. The famous Witcher never misses what goes into his hands.

And of course, CD Project had no moral right to leave this nuance without attention. In the first part, there are more than 20 potential girlfriends for Geralt, but there are only picture cards waiting for inquisitive players. In the second part, the developers switched from quantity to quality. In addition to a few nameless ladies of a certain profession, there are only 5 girls left. However, the cards were replaced by the cat scenes. And in the third, the romantic aspect of the game mainly revolves around the choice between Yennefer and Triss.

By the way, it was CD Project that created the romantic line between Gerald and Triss because it was a completely different character in the book.

Dragon Age Series

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We believe that Origin is the best part of DA currently available, also in terms of games with a good romance. There were most of them, but there were fewer satellites in the following ones, but they were so unrecognizable that they were not even remembered.

The same applies to romantic stories – as the whole game, each of them is logical, designed, and filled with a bunch of small chips.

Mass Effect Series

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Like Dragon Age, Mass Effect is the brainchild of BioWare and RPG romance games. Only if the previous series of games was in the medieval setting, then Mass Effect will send you to explore the vast cosmic world with its bizarre inhabitants. And some of them can be studied very closely.

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

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However, BioWare began to stray long before 2008, when the first part of the best RPG romances was released. The first attempts to give the protagonist a personal life were made in 2000, in D&D fantasy RPG – Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. The attempts are quite unfair because there were three romantic variants for a male character and only one for a female character.

The Sims Series

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If suddenly who does not know, a series of Sims games – a life simulator. You create a character or a whole family, put them in the house, interact with neighbors, go to work, and do all the things that a person can do in real life. And even more, as several magical and supernatural additions have been released.

And since romantic relationships are an important part of most people’s lives, Electronic Arts have also adopted this moment. Some players even create for their sims heroes who have features of any celebrities and start a relationship with them.

Neverwinter Nights 2

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Another RPG with romance options by D&D rules. Personally, it reminds me very much of Dragon Age: Origin in spirit. More precisely, it is the opposite because NWN2 was released three years earlier.

Romantic lines are very scarce here, and to achieve their development, your hero has to behave in a certain way (as it should be in a decent RPG). However, they are harmoniously intertwined in the main story, decorating an already interesting game. And the ancient graph makes them also funny.


video games with romance options

The bright series of adventure games Uncharted by Naughty Dog shows a completely different love story with a happy ending.

In Uncharted, we control Nathan Drake, a remote adventurer whose image is clearly inspired by Indiana Jones. Drake is often accompanied by journalist Elena Fisher. They are connected by common adventures, friendships, and, finally, love feelings arise between them.

In the third part, Nathan and Elena are getting married. And thanks to this they are on the list of happy couples in the world of games.

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