All video game lovers know exactly such a game as Mortal Kombat. It is because of the como hacer fatalities in Mortal Kombat that this game is considered the most popular and cruel of all the video games available. Indeed, every player sees a brutal bloody game that will take your breath away. Thanks to these fatalities de Mortal Kombat, you can get more rewards in the game itself, and defeat your opponent faster.

But not all players can know special keystroke combinations to kill an opponent because it is not always possible to have time to remember the combination while you are being attacked. Therefore, we made this article for you so that you can at any time see how to do a fatality on Mortal Kombat for different heroes of the game.

Mortal Kombat Characters Fatalities: Key Combinations

Each character has 2 fatalities, with which you can inflict serious damage on the enemy, or immediately defeat him. The moment you perform Mortal Kombat fatality cheats, you see an amazing picture of how you strike with various objects (depending on the hero and what he is fighting with). Here blood flows, bones break and other spectacular blows occur, And at the end, you see the coveted Mortal Kombat fatality text, which shows that you have defeated your opponent with these combinations. How to do fatalities on Mortal Kombat? Let’s take a look at the fatalities for each player separately. In addition to the fact that the heroes have fatalities, in mortal kombat baby fatality or babality. We will also indicate them.

Baraka Fatalities

fatality on mortal kombat

Here, to execute the winning blow, you need to be at strike distance, and then perform the following combination: โ†’, โ†’, โ†“, โ†’, and square. He also has two secret attacks. The first is done with a combination of โ†’, โ†’, โ†“, โ†“, and cross at the strike distance The second is performed close to the enemy: โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, cross. To perform babality, which is performed at a jump distance, you need to perform โ†’, โ†, โ†’, circle.

Mortal Kombat Sheeva Fatality

mortal kombat fatality text

Stripped Down is performed from the distance of the strike when performing the combination โ†’, โ†“, โ†“, โ†’, square Lend A Hand is also produced from a strike distance with keystrokes โ†’, โ†, โ†’, โ†, circle. Additional fatality: โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, square. It is carried out close to the enemy. For babality it is worth performing โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, โ†, circle.

Mortal Kombat Smoke Fatality

fatality on mortal kombat

Smoked Out can be performed by executing the key combination โ†, โ†’, โ†, โ†’, square. For Tremor, you should press โ†, โ†, โ†“, โ†’, triangle. To inflict another type of fatality on the enemy, you need to hold down R2, โ†’, โ†‘, โ†‘, release R2, square. Babality is performed with a combination of โ†“, โ†, โ†“, โ†’, โ†“.

Punches for Cassie Cage

fatality in mortal kombat

The girl performs Bubble Head from an average distance by pressing the keys โ†’, โ†“, โ†, โ†’, square. Mortal Kombat Selfie fatality can be done by performing โ†“, โ†‘, โ†“, โ†, circle.

Freddy Krueger Tricks

mortal kombat selfie fatality

To execute the Tell ‘Em Freddy Sent Ya hit, you need to perform the combination โ†, โ†’, โ†“, โ†“, square from any distance. To perform Welcome To My Nightmare, you must hold down R2, โ†“, โ†‘, โ†’, โ†, release R2, R2. You can perform another fatality close by after the combination โ†’, โ†“, โ†“, cross. Babality requires a combination of โ†, โ†’, โ†“, square at the distance of the jump from the opponent.

Mortal Kombat Fatality Codes for Johnny Cage

mortal kombat smoke fatality

Heads Up! performed close by pressing the keys โ†’, โ†’, โ†, โ†“, cross. To hit And The Winner Is … at hitting distance, perform โ†“, โ†’, โ†“, โ†’, circle. Stage Fatality can be done back-to-back with a combination of โ†“, โ†’, โ†’, R2. From the distance of the jump and โ†’, โ†“, โ†, cross, you can perform babality for this hero.

Cyber Sub-Zero Strikes

how to fatality mortal kombat

For this hero to perform Kold Fusion, you need to perform โ†“, โ†, โ†“, โ†’, triangle from the distance of the jump. To apply Brain Freeze it costs โ†“, โ†“, โ†, โ†“, square, doing it from the jump distance. In order to perform babality, perform the combination from the distance โ†“, โ†’, โ†, triangle.


how to use fatality in mortal kombat

So that you can hit your opponent with Mind Over Splatter, hold down R2, โ†“, โ†‘, โ†“, โ†“, release R2, R2 while jumping distance. For Pest Control, also from jump distance, press the combination โ†’, โ†, โ†’, โ†“, circle. Babality can be done by pressing the keys โ†“, โ†“, โ†, โ†“, triangle.

Kitana Fatality in Mortal Kombat

mortal kombat characters fatalities

Fan Opener of this heroic girl is performed with a combination of โ†“, โ†“, โ†, โ†’, triangle close to the opponent. To complete Medusa’s Gaze, press โ†“, โ†, โ†“, โ†’, square. You can also make another fatality: โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, cross. For babality, do the key combination โ†“, โ†’, โ†“, triangle from jump distance.

Liu Kangโ€™s Fatal Blows

how to do a fatality in mortal kombat

To arrange a bloody spectacle with the enemy using Fist Of Flame, perform a set of keys โ†’, โ†, โ†“, โ†“, cross from the distance of the strike. For The Beast Within, you should do a โ†“, โ†“, โ†’, โ†“, circle to hit your opponent. To commit additional fatalities, use โ†“, โ†’, โ†, cross. When babality press โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, circle.

Nightwolf Strikes

how to do fatality on mortal kombat

To perform Little Of The Top and defeat the enemy, press โ†“, โ†’, โ†“, โ†, circle from the distance of the jump. To be able to hit the opponent Ascension, perform the combination of โ†“, โ†“, โ†’, โ†, square with the strike distance. Additionally, fatality is performed back-to-back by pressing โ†“, โ†“, โ†“, R2. Babaliti can be performed โ†’, โ†, โ†’, โ†, square.

Noob Saibot

mortal kombat fatality codes

Use the key combination โ†, โ†’, โ†, โ†“, circle to execute Make A Wish for a serious blow to your opponent. As One at the distance of the jump is performed with the keys โ†“, โ†“, โ†, โ†“, R2. Additional fatality is performed back to back with pressing โ†’, โ†“, โ†’, R2. Babality is performed by pressing the keys R2, โ†’, โ†‘, โ†’, release R2, square.

Fatalities by Reptile

how to do fatalities on mortal kombat

This hero has as many as 5 fatal blows. For Reptile to be able to perform Acid Yak, hold down R2, โ†’, โ†’, โ†“, โ†‘, release R2, cross. The first secret hit of Weight Loss can be performed by pressing โ†“, โ†“, โ†’, โ†, square. Second Yummy! is executed when performing the combination โ†, โ†, โ†’, โ†“, R2. It is worth noting that this strike will be available to you after you purchase the classic suit. Stage beats can be performed back-to-back by pressing โ†’, โ†“, โ†“, R2. Babality requires pressing โ†, โ†’, โ†, โ†“, cross.


mortal kombat fatality cheats

This character also has many kicks. That is why it is often chosen during the game. For Split Decision execute โ†’, โ†“, โ†’, triangle close to the player opposite. Secret Nether-Gate fatality is also done close with pressing the keys โ†, โ†’, โ†, cross. Second hidden hit Toasty! will be available when buying a classic suit, and after completing the combination, hold down R2, โ†“, โ†‘, โ†‘, release R2, triangle. Another close hit can be performed with the combination to hold down R2, โ†’, โ†‘, โ†‘, release R2, square, and babality: โ†“, โ†, โ†’, โ†“, triangle from the distance of the jump.

Thanks for reading! We hope that the information on how to use fatality in mortal kombat will help you always win battles with your friends.

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